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***Campaign Against Abortion: Another Name For Mass Murder And Serial Killing***

***Campaign Against Homosexuality: An Evil Abomination In God's Eyes***

Bishop Dr. Roy F. Bright, Jr.

Bishop Dr. Bradley Carey

Bishop Dr. Michael A. Coleman

Dr. Justin Cyr

Richard J. Enrico

Jay P. Green, Sr.

Bishop Dr. Christopher D. Handy

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Robert C. Hylton

Pastor Gary W. Jones

Pastor Dr. Aaron D. Lint

Mr. Patrick Macken

Dr. Frederick Meekins

Diann Messer

Gary Mink

Bishop Dr. Joseph S. Puleo - Retired

Dr. Paul Richardson

Alexis Sage

Matthew Slick

Blair Stone

Todd Strandberg

Jon P. Townsend, B.C.C.

Aaron Walden