Homosexuals, sodomites, or any other name you chose to call them by, are not gay (which means happy), talented, special, or even gifted. What homosexuals and homosexuality are, is an evil abomination in the eyes of God, a blemish on the face of God's creation.

Many churches and many Christians and believers in God have gotten lazy and relaxed in taking a stand for what is right and what is of God. Because of this, homosexuality is running rampant in an ever-increasing number. Well enough is enough. It is time to take a stand and stand up for what is right. Homosexuality is a SIN. Standing up and speaking against this vile evil does not make you homophobic as the homosexuals would have you believe. Homophobia is a fear of homosexuals. As children of the one and only eternal and loving true God, we have nothing to fear from these sinners. In fact, it is they who are afraid of us. They are afraid of us because we stand up against them and proclaim homosexuality for what it is, a VILE AND EVIL SIN.

The time has come to make a choice. Are you on the side of those who are committing an abomination in the eyes of God or are you on God's side, the side of truth and righteousness? Before continuing, please read the following articles:

The Cult of Homosexuality

Homophobic, Politically Correct, or Anti-Sin?

God Said it, So What Don't You Understand?

Taking A Stand Against Evil

Now that you have read the above mentioned articles, where do you stand? Will you take a bold stand on the side of God against this abomination? If you and/or your organization will take this stand against this SIN and would like to be listed here among others who are taking this stand, please e-mail us at and we will be proud to list you here among those who stand on the side of God against this vile and evil abomination. Also let us know if you have a web site that you would like your name or organization linked to. May the Lord bless and strengthen all of you who take this stand in HIS name.

We the following individuals and organizations have pledged to stand up for what is right and take a bold stand against homosexuality, the homosexual movement, and what they stand for. Furthermore, we acknowledge that homosexuality is an evil and vile abomination in the eyes of God:

Bishop Dr. Bradley Carey
Pastor Dr. Aaron D. Lint
Bishop Dr. R.A. Sterne
Rodney M. Lacey
Father Dominic Messina
Evangelist Lillian D. Salisbury
Dr. Benjamin Rosen, Ph.D.
Bishop Dr. Charles E. Sanders, Jr.
Ms. Maraia Sanders
Mr. Troy Sanders
Bishop Dr. Trudy Veerman
Rev. Dr. Paul Richardson
Father James A. Strand
Bishop Dr. R.A. Parmenter
Bishop Dr. Israel Ikpeka
Dr. Frederick Meekins
T. Murugesh A/L Thambi Pillai
Dr. Walter L. Swinson
Bishop Dr. Roy F. Bright, Jr.
Steven Vaught
Father Daniel A. June
Dr. Peter A. Phelps
Ms. Denise Ryder
Dr. Albert Larson
Douglas Stacey
David Harnell
Jennifer Whyte
Rev. H. G. Samuel Powell
Pastor Dan Catlin
Sister Linda Catlin
Noelle S. Payton
Dr. Barbara Zinnamon
Dr. John Sarber
Jennifer Sarber
Dr. Arthur M. Evangelista
Brother Dwight Davidson, Jr.
Shawn Lacey
Christine Michaelson
Rev. Steven King
Jolene King
Julie Peterson
Jeff Bodkin
Bro. Charles Driggers
Mrs. Jacqueline Driggers
David Lewis, Jr.
Jennifer Peters
Bishop Jerry L. Ogles
Darlene Harris
Pastor Anthony S. Medford
Jeremiah Dean Johnson
David T. Collins
Carol Conway
Bruce Phillip Seagoe
Jesus Cerezo
Sanya Cerezo
Andy Febrico Bintoro
Darryl Smith
Braxton Wenk
Frances Agosto
Darryl Smith
Jesus & Sonya Cerezo
Nikkole Sexton
Pastor A. Payton, Sr.
Oluboyede Omolola
Elvin Peters
Francis Marsat
Rev. Mark Hogg, Sr.
Blake Onyango
Starr Hatton
Maria Reusch
Mike Howson
Stacey Windom

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