By Dr. P. Bradley Carey
From his book
I Am Not Politically Correct, And Am Proud of It
(c) 2004

Many churches and Christians have grown complacent and lazy. Because of this, SIN and EVIL are running rampant. The Church seems more interested in portraying a "good image" than in doing what is right and taking a bold stand against what is wrong. Because of this the cults have grown so bold that they openly attack the Church and Christianity. Homosexuality and other abominable perversions are on the increase and running wild. Homosexuals openly defy and challenge the law and then turn around and flaunt it in the face of the government and the believers in God. If you speak against it, then you are instantly accused of being homophobic. The cults will accuse the Christian of attacking them, because we either question what they believe or comment and stand up against their attacks against us. They accuse us of being afraid of them. When in actuality these corrupters of truth and the pure love that can come from only God are Christianphobic (A new term I have devised that describes these individuals). Yes they fear us. Why? Because Christianity proclaims the truth and exposes the error of what they are doing. Christianity convicts their hearts of the evil they are committing, and they don't want that. They want to do their own thing. They don't want the truth. They want to turn their backs on the Light of Truth and follow their dark paths to everlasting condemnation.

Forget this nonsense of trying to please everyone. Forget this garbage of trying to portray a good appearance to the world. Once a Christian is truly saved they are on the side of God in all things. Not just the things they want. Not just when it suits them. But in all things, all the time. Christ died on the cross for you. He stood up for you and took your place. So why are you afraid to stand up for Him? Why are you afraid of standing up for what is right? Remember these words of Christ:

But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.
Matthew 10:33

Homosexuality is an evil and vile sin. The cults teach lies and error. The true Christian is saved and judged by what is in their heart, not by what building they worship in, how they pray, or how many good deeds they may do.

Those who stand against God and all He stands for will quote the Bible where we are told, "Judge not, that ye be not judged" (Matthew 7:1), and use that in an argument against us saying that we are judging them. This simply is not true. We are not judging anyone. God has already judged and we are merely pronouncing the Words of God's judgement and what they stand for.

It has come down to the line. The Church and Christianity are under open attack from many different areas. Are you going to take a stand on God's side for Truth and Light, or are you going to continue sitting there and do nothing at all? Are you going to call evil and sin for what they are, or are you going to look the other way? Are you going to do your duty as a Christian and as a Child of God, or are you taking the side of the sinners? There is no middle ground. You can't stay neutral in this. It's one side or the other. When you come before God for judgment you can't use the excuse that you didn't know, because when you became a Christian you did know. If you have read this article this far you do know. You know the difference between right and wrong. It is now time to make your choice. Are you on God's side or are you on the side of those who prefer to do evil and ignore God? It is time to look evil in the face, stand tall, firmly, and boldly say, "Enough! I will not tolerate you! I openly and boldly stand against you!"

All verses of the Bible quoted here are from the King James Version of the Bible.