By Bishop Dr. Bradley Carey
(c) 2015
All Rights Reserved

Posted: 03 April 2015

Since last year we have seen the attack against Christianity and Christian increasing at a level that is unparalleled in modern times. We have seen our rights as Christians being limited and even taken away. We have seen an increase in the attacks against Christian owned businesses. We have seen Christians being insulted, threatened, beaten, and even killed for their belief in Christ.

Whenever anyone speaks out against these atrocities, they are immediately told to shut up and sit down. They are accused of promoting hatred and intolerance. We have even seen the Courts and the Government turning a blind eye to these crimes against Christians, all in the name of tolerance and not wanting to offend anyone.

This so-called tolerance that they speak of is strictly one-sided. You are to go along with what they want and say and not voice your opinion or concerns. In the name tolerance and this not wanting to offend anyone, it seems that the Christians are the only ones expected to compromise on their beliefs and remain silent on Biblical Scripture, because others find them offensive. We are expected to shut up, keep silent, and sit down.

It seems that more and more churches are turning their back on core Christian and Biblical beliefs and teachings. They have gone the ways of the world and openly invited and even encouraged non-biblical teaching to come in and replace God-given Doctrine. And then at the same time, criticize those Christian Churches who will not compromise on what God has said and stick with Biblical teachings and doctrine.

The Church, as well as all other areas within the Body of Christ, is to NEVER compromise on the Word of God or offer a watered-down version of the Gospel or Biblical teaching in an effort to appease those of the world. Any Church that does so has willing put itself outside of the Will of God and is no longer part of the Body of Christ! As such, it has become an enemy of God and we must have no part of it!

These compromising Churches will come up with all kinds of excuses that they feel are justified. We needed to lighten up on some Scriptural teachings so we could get more people to come into the church. We felt it was better not to discuss and take a stand on some topics so we would have better acceptance in the community. There are numerous other excuses they will use in an attempt to break with Scripture. The only problem with these excuses is they are just that, excuses. No excuse, no matter how it sounds or what it may be is valid in the Eyes of God. God Himself has made it clear as to what we may and may not do. What we are to believe and not to believe. Period! No middle ground. No compromise whatsoever.

We see the world and those of it, blaming all of their problems on Christianity and those who follow the Bible. We see governments and special interest groups as well as the media, joining in as well. The claim free speech and tolerance of others, well that applies to everyone except for Christians. Christians are not to offend anyone with God’s truth, because it condemns those who reject God of their sin. We are expected to allow sin and sinful ways to come within the Church. We are expected to turn our backs on the One and Only True Living God, and embrace the ways of the world.

Well enough of that! We are NOT here to please the world. We are NOT here spare someone’s feelings because they may be offended by the Word of God. We are here to serve God, and spread His Word to all in the world, no matter where they are. It does not matter what someone may say or do concerning us sharing God’s Gift of Salvation. We must remain faithful through all, including under the threat of death. If we remain faithful to God, then He will remain faithful to the promises that He made to those of us who believe in Him. Christ never backed down, and neither should we. God is in control of all and we must remember that. God will always see us through whatever comes into our way.

Jesus died on the cross and took the sins of the world upon Himself and paid for our sins. He followed Biblical prophecy perfectly for us and set an example for us to follow and pattern ourselves after. Christ never c compromised or watered down Scriptural teaching. Since we are to pattern ourselves after Him then we must stand firm and never compromise on the Word of God.

Jesus Christ Himself tells us, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”
Matthew 28:19

Christ did not tell us to present a compromised message or a watered-down or changes Gospel. He told us to, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations…” In other words, teach what he had taught us without changing a thing. Anyone who does so, is throwing it back into Christ’s face along with all Christ did for us. Those who are guilty of this, especially after knowing the truth, must repent and present God’s True Biblical Scriptures, as He intended for us to do. Those who do not repent will be facing God when their time for judgment comes, and explaining to Him why the compromised and changed His Words.

Jesus died on the cross for you. He took your sins upon Himself and paid the penalty in your place. Will you follow His words and keep true to His teachings without compromise? Are you willing to risk everything, even your life, to serve Him? Will you stay strong and confident knowing that Christ is there with you, and never give in to the ways of the world?

Stay strong and trust in the Lord for everything. Have a Blessed and Happy Resurrection Remembrance Day everyone!