TUITION (U.S. and Canadian Students)

Unlike most institutions of higher education, the Institute for Christian Works does not charge by the credit hour. Instead, there is a flat fee charged for each degree level. The fees listed here are the base tuition fees. The total may vary according to transfer credit, credit for life experience, work completed elsewhere, etc. Please check with us for any changes that may not be listed here yet.

These tuition rates apply only to students in the United States and Canada. For international students please check with us. Unless otherwise stated, the tuition for each certificate and diploma program is as follows:

Certificates $100.00
Diplomas $250.00

Unless otherwise stated, the tuition for each degree level is as follows:

Associate's $500.00
Bachelor's $750.00
Master's $1,000.00
Doctoral $2,000.00

Unless otherwise stated, the tuition for combination degrees is as follows:

Associate's/Bachelor's $1,000.00
Bachelor's/Master's $1,500.00
Bachelor's/Master's/Doctoral $3,250.00

For tuition payment options, or for using PayPal to pay for your tuition, go to the Tuition Payment Options page for further information.

For those who cannot pay the entire tuition in one payment, let us know. Very affordable interest free payment plans can be arranged. We also offer several discounts and have scholarships available. Please see our page on Scholarships and Discounts or contact us for further information.

A portion of all tuition is set aside to help pay it for those who are less fortunate.