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Welcome to the free on-line Bible Diploma Program, brought to you by the Institute for Christian Works. This program is absolutely free. When you have completed all of the courses, you will be mailed a Diploma in Biblical Studies and a set of transcripts showing the courses you have completed.

After you have completed this program, if you would like to continue on with your Christian education, the Institute for Christian Works will offer you 50% off the normal tuition rate for our Associate's Degree program. All of the courses that you have completed for the Dilpoma in Biblical Studies will be applied towards your degree.


The Institute for Christian Works is currently offering a completely free Bible Diploma program. Those who complete this diploma program will have the option of going into our Associate's Degree program at a tuition discount of 50%. For those who choose this option, they will be awarded 30 credits towards their degree for the work they have completed through the free Bible Diploma program.

We are presently conducting this program through e-mail, snail-mail, fax, and now completely on-line. Click the button to view detailed course information (opens in new tab/window).

bible diploma program

The free Bible Diploma program consists of the following courses:

BI-102 New Testament Survey 1

BI-103 Old Testament Survey 1

BI-122 Biblical Hermeneutics

BI-123 Tabernacle Typology

BI-217 Prayer and Fasting

BI-223 Full Gospel Fundamentals 1

BI-224 Full Gospel Fundamentals 2

BI-226 Bible 1

BI-227 Bible 2

EV-131 Personal Evangelism

After you have completed all ten above courses, you will be mailed a Diploma in Biblical Studies and a set of transcripts showing the work you have completed. Be sure to go to the "How To Enroll" page and get registered before starting any of the courses.

Anyone who is interested in this free on-line program please contact us for more details.