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11 Nov 2021 - Ben & Jerry's Supports Killing Babies in Abortions: "It's Important to Speak Up" For That

11 Nov 2021 - Catholic Senator Dick Durbin Denied Communion Because He Supports Killing Babies In Abortions [GOOD! It's about time the Catholic Church started enforcing what they have been claiming they stand for! - Dr. B. Carey]

11 Nov 2021 - Biden's Admin Issues New Report Calling Killing Babies In Abortions A "Human Right" [This clearly shows how evil and unGodly and unChristian-like Biden and his administration really are - Dr. B. Carey]

11 Nov 2021 - 7-Year-Old Girl Sells Baked Goods And Painted Rocks, Earns Over $1,700 For Charity

11 Nov 2021 - 'The Gospel Of Christ Is At stake': Finnish Bishop Facing Prosecution Over Christian Values

11 Nov 2021 - Christian Athlete Mike Fisher Defends Aaron Rodgers, Says Vaccine Mandates Are 'Un-American'

11 Nov 2021 - Texas Church Injects Young Children With COVID Shot In Halloween Celebration - Christian Churches Now Working With The CDC To Abuse And Murder Children

10 Nov 2021 - Pastor Tackles Crazed Man Who Threatened His Congregation With A Gun During Sunday Service [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Nov 2021 - UMC Members Urge Bishops To Let Churches Leave Now, Not Wait For LGBT Debate At General Conference

05 Nov 2021 - Flag Called On Christian Anti-Sports Playbook

04 Nov 2021 - Doctor Confirms Unborn Babies Are Human Beings: They're "Clearly Human, Clearly Alive"

04 Nov 2021 - Judith Was In Rhe Middle Of The Abortion When She Changed Her Mind And Her Baby Was Saved

04 Nov 2021 - Ohio Legislators Propose Texas-Style Abortion Ban To Protect Unborn Babies

04 Nov 2021 - Pro-Life Glenn Youngkin Defeats Pro-Abortion Terry McAuliffe In Virginia Governor's Race

04 Nov 2021 - Texas Senator Who Authored Abortion Ban: I Want To Protect "Every Little Baby" From Abortion

04 Nov 2021 - Catholic Bishop Says Joe Biden "Can't Call Himself A Catholic" Because He Promotes Abortions

04 Nov 2021 - Pro-Life Winsome Sears Defeats Pro-Abortion Dem, Becomes First Black Woman As Virginia Lt. Governor

04 Nov 2021 - Pro-Life Judges Won Every Single Statewide Election In Pennsylvania, Defeating Planned Parenthood

04 Nov 2021 - Terry McAuliffe Concedes Virginia Governor's Race To Pro-Life Glenn Youngkin

01 Nov 2021 - Judge Blocks Biden Admin From Firing Unvaccinated Employees With Pending Religious Exemptions

01 Nov 2021 - Biden Admin. Faces Criticism Over 'Intrusive' Questions On COVID-19 Vaccine Religious Exemption Form

01 Nov 2021 - TX Lawmakers Ignored Unhinged Criticism To Defend All-Girl Sports

01 Nov 2021 - Joe Biden Is No Faithful Catholic, Disagrees With Pope Francis That Abortion Is Murder

01 Nov 2021 - Texas Tells Supreme Court to Let Abortion Ban Keep Saving Babies

01 Nov 2021 - Joe Biden Can Meet With The Pope, But He's Still No "Faithfu" Catholic

01 Nov 2021 - Vatican Shuts Down Media Coverage Of Biden-Pope Meeting So Biden Can't Try To Fool Catholics

01 Nov 2021 - 223 Abortion Clinic Workers Have Left Their Jobs And Become Pro-Life

01 Nov 2021 - Vatican Does Not Confirm Pope Francis Told Joe Biden To "Keep Receiving Communion"

01 Nov 2021 - There’s No Way Pope Francis Told Joe Biden He's A "Good Catholic," Here's Why

01 Nov 2021 - Community Furious After Young Kids Photographed In Gay Homosexual Bar...But Look Who Led Them There In The First Place [Yes we crossed out the word gay and replaced it with homosexual. Gay means happy and since homosexuality is a sin, a sinner has nothing to be happy about]

01 Nov 2021 - Zuckerberg Should've Checked A Hebrew Dictionary Before Renaming Facebook: Jews Around The World Instantly Recognize New Name

27 Oct 2021 - Texas Governor Greg Abbott Signs Bill Into Law Banning Biological Males From Female Sports In Schools [GOOD It's about time! - Dr. . Carey]

27 Oct 2021 - Pastor Insinuates Christians Trick Or Treating During The Rapture Could Be Left Behind [Has an embedded audio fiel on the web page] [He needs to read the Bible! - Dr. B. Carey

27 Oct 2021 - Pastor Threatens Christians Celebrating Halloween Will Be Demonically Infested [Has an embedded audio file onthe web page] [This guy has no idea what he is talking about - Dr. B. Carey]

25 Oct 2021 - Apple Takes Down Bible App In China To Appease Communist Regime [Apple should have told them NO! - Dr. B. Carey]

25 Oct 2021 - Boy Bereft After Bullies Smash His Guitar - Until NJ Police Officer Gifts His Own as Replacement

25 Oct 2021 - Victor Davis Hanson: Biden Believes The Disasters Destroying America Are All Part Of The New Paradise

25 Oct 2021 - Parents Warn Of Their Children Being Subjected To Transgender Indoctrination

25 Oct 2021 - Professor Claims Pro-Life Christians Have Their Beliefs "Rooted In Racism" [Obviously a VERY unGodly man - Dr. B. Carey]

25 Oct 2021 - Texas Urges Supreme Court To Uphold Abortion Ban, Deny Joe Biden's Demand To Block It

25 Oct 2021 - Supreme Court Rules Texas Abortion Ban Can Keep Saving Babies From Abortions

25 Oct 2021 - Baby Born Size Of Sharpie Defies Incredible Odds Of Survival; 4.5 Months Later, He's A 7-Pound Miracle

25 Oct 2021 - Mob Of Antifa Radicals Disrupts Pro-Life Prayer Vigil Screaming "F--- Your God!" [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Oct 2021 - Two-Year-Old Girl Dies After Government Revokes Her Life Support Over Her Parents' Wishes

25 Oct 2021 - GOP Lawmaker Locked Out Of Twitter After Calling Transgender Biden Official Rachel Levine 'A Man' [That is crazy because he is a man - Dr. B. Carey]

25 Oct 2021 - Superman Colorist Quitting Over DC Comics' Woke Makeover Of Hero: 'It's A Bunch Of F***ing Nonsense'

22 Oct 2021 - 40 Navy Seals Push For Religious Exemption To COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate: 'Fighting For Their Careers'

21 Oct 2021 - Kamala Harris Colluded With Planned Parenthood To Put Pro-Lifers In Jail Who Exposed Baby Part Sales

21 Oct 2021 - Joe Biden Is Spending More Time Promoting Abortion Than Solving the Border Crisis Or Inflation

21 Oct 2021 - Kamala Harris Ignores How Abortion Has Killed Over 20 Million Black Babies

21 Oct 2021 - Christian Group Sues EEOC, HHS Over Mandates Forcing Employers To Cover Gender Transition Surgeries

21 Oct 2021 - Religious Freedom In China Is A CCP Myth: The CCP's Tight Control Of Religious Expression Since 1949 Is Actually Increasing In Recent Years

19 Oct 2021 - Just Because Pastor Doesn't Watch News Doesn't Mean We Can't

19 Oct 2021 - Texas Senate Passes Bill Requiring Athletes To Compete On Team That Matches Birth Gender

15 Oct 2021 - Seventh-Day Adventist Church Experiences Lowest Rate Of Growth In 16 Year [They will obviously come up wioth a number of worthless reasons for it. They real reasons is probably because more and more people are becomign awar as to how unChristlike and unBiblical they really are! - Dr. B. Carey]

15 Oct 2021 - Georgia Megachurch Asks Court To Allow Vote On Leaving UMC After Pastor Was Reassigned

15 Oct 2021 - NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Refuses To Resign Amid Backlash Over Calling Transgenderism, Homosexuality 'Filth"

15 Oct 2021 - Large Toy Retailers Must Have Gender-Neutral Section Or Face Fines Under New California Law

15 Oct 2021 - Amish Survived COVID-19 Better Than Most By Not Locking Down, Ceasing Church Gatherings: Report

15 Oct 2021 - Va. School District Claims It Followed Protocol Amid Reports 2 Girls Were Sexually Assaulted By Yrans Student

15 Oct 2021 - New York Must Allow Religious Exemptions To COVID-19 Vaccines, Judge Rules

15 Oct 2021 - New York Must Allow Religious Exemptions To COVID-19 Vaccines, Judge Rules

15 Oct 2021 - 4,676,300 Babies Were Killed In Abortions During Nancy Pelosi's First Four Years As Speaker

15 Oct 2021 - Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: "I Have Been Very Clear, It is Homicide" [You hear that Biden and Pelosi? - Dr. B. Carey]

15 Oct 2021 - 40th City Bans Abortion, Declares Itself A "Sanctuary For The Unborn"

15 Oct 2021 - Planned Parenthood Lies To Supreme Court, Falsely Claims Abortions "Save Lives"

15 Oct 2021 - 2,000 Christian Health Care Workers Seek Emergency Order To Stop COVID Vaccine Mandate

15 Oct 2021 - Texas Heartbeat Abortion Ban Remains In Effect Amid Litigation, Federal Appeals Court Rules

15 Oct 2021 - Christian Colleges Can Fight LGBT Lawsuit Seeking To Block Title IX Religious Exemptions, judge Rules

15 Oct 2021 - Christian Web Designer Opposed To Creating Same-Sex Wedding Websites Appeals To Supreme Court

12 Oct 2021 - Cop Stops To Send Up An Off-Duty Prayer Outside Of Abortion Clinic, City Immediately Takes Action Against Him

12 Oct 2021 - Father Details How His Young Son Was Convinced He Was A 'Transgender Lesbian'

12 Oct 2021 - Pfizer Whistleblower Steps Forward With Emails Describing Use Of Aborted Fetal Cells For Vaccine [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Oct 2021 - Hollywood And LGBT Groups Call For Comedy Legend To Be Canceled, But His Response Is Epic

12 Oct 2021 - Superman Now Bisexual: Don't Need 'Another Straight White Savior,' Writer Says: "I Knew Replacing Clark With Another Straight White Savior Could Be A Real Opportunity Missed."

06 Oct 2021 - Doctors In Belgium Are Euthanizing Newborns Whose Lives They Think Are Not Worth Living

06 Oct 2021 - Texas Supreme Court Refuses Planned Parenthood's Demand To Block Texas Abortion Ban

06 Oct 2021 - Actress Jameela Jamil Defends Aborting Her Baby: "My Life Matters More Than An Unborn Human" [She is guily of MURDER! - Dr. B. Carey]

06 Oct 2021 - Pramila Jayapal Wants To Force Americans To Fund Killing Babies In Abortions

06 Oct 2021 - Jen Psaki Confirms Joe Biden Wants To Make Americans Pay For Abortions

06 Oct 2021 - Supreme Court Will Hear A Major Abortion Case That Could Finally Overturn Roe v. Wade

06 Oct 2021 - Blockbuster Report: UK Sport Finds Trans Athletes Should Not Compete Against Women, Testosterone Suppression 'Does Not Negate' Physical Advantage: "Long-Term Evidence Indicates That Males Have Numerous Physical Advantages In Sport Compared With Females."

06 Oct 2021 - Christian Schools, Female Athletes Join Fight Challenging Biden's Transgender Mandate

05 Oct 2021 - Nigerian Pastor Murdered In Machete Attack Was Known For Christian Charity, Working To Foster Peace With Muslims

05 Oct 2021 - Evangelical Leaders: Joy Reid Committed 'Slander' Against Christians

05 Oct 2021 - Gov't Restrictions On Religion At High Levels Worldwide Even Before COVID-19 Lockdowns: Pew Report

05 Oct 2021 - Public Library's Youth Services Librarian Organizes Boycott Of Local Business That Stood Against LGBT Children's Books And Transgender "Performer" For Children: An Example Of The Vicious, Radical People Working In Our Libraries: Outraged Local Parents Demanding Youth Services Librarian – And Library Director – Be Fired

05 Oct 2021 - Biden Justice Dept. Calls Texas Abortion Law 'Scheme Of Vigilante Justice' In Push To Block It

05 Oct 2021 - Thousands Make Decisions For Christ During Franklin Graham's Route 66 'God Loves You' tour [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Oct 2021 - CDC Joins Fauci In The Effort To Squash Your Holidays

29 Sep 2021 - Wyoming MassResistance Activists Stop Public Library's "Transgender Magic Show For Kids" Event Before It Starts: Dishonest LGBT Activists Made It A National Media Story, Then Defaced A Local Church. But Local Citizens Refuse To Be Intimidated, And Stand Even Stronger!

29 Sep 2021 - NY Governor Appoints Herself God's Messenger, Says Unvaccinated Christians 'Aren't Listening To God' [he is so lame and a big fake! - Dr. B. Carey]

29 Sep 2021 - President Trump: Christians Can't Support Joe Biden Because He's Radically Pro-Abortion

29 Sep 2021 - EXPOSED: California Officials Secretly Working With Planned Parenthood To Destroy David Daleiden

29 Sep 2021 - Texas Abortion Ban Has Saved 2,700 Babies From Abortion So Far

29 Sep 2021 - Herschel Walker: "Because I Love America, I've Got To Fight For America"

29 Sep 2021 - UN Human Rights Official Calls Killing Babies In Abortions A "Radical Act Of Self-Love" [More proof as to how evil the UN really is - Dr. B. Carey]

29 Sep 2021 - Wisconsin Senate Passes Bill To Stop Infanticide, Provide Medical Care For Babies Who Survive Abortions

29 Sep 2021 - Pregnant Mom With Cancer Has Her Leg Amputated To Save Her Unborn Child

29 Sep 2021 - Liberal Atheist Condemns Abortion: "The Killing Of The Unborn Is A Violation Of Nonviolence"

28 Sep 2021 - Kamala Harris: There's A "Constitutional Right" To Kill Babies In Abortions [This anti-American bimbo has apparent;ly never read the Constitution of the United States of America - Dr. B. Carey]

28 Sep 2021 - Aborted Baby Girl Found In Abortion Clinic Trash Receives Proper Funeral

28 Sep 2021 - State Takes Three-Month-Old Baby From His Parents Because They Refuse To End His Life Support

28 Sep 2021 - Texas Bans Mail-Order Abortion Pills To Save More Babies From Abortions

23 Aug 2021 - News From The Front Lines

23 Aug 2021 - 60% Of Adults Under 40 Say Jesus Isn't Only Way To Salvation; Equal To Buddha, Muhammad

23 Aug 2021 - Democrats File Another Bill To Expand Abortions And Kill More Babies

23 Aug 2021 - South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Appeals Ruling Overturning Pro-Life Law Saving Babies From Abortion

23 Aug 2021 - Euthanasia Activists Want Implants Inserted Into People To Kill Them If They Get Dementia [PURE INSANITY - Dr. B. Carey]

23 Aug 2021 - Liberal Writer Says Pro-Life Americans Can't Support Women In Afghanistan Because They Hate Women [He's An IDIOT! - Dr. B. Carey]

23 Aug 2021 - Mom Rejects Doctor's Suggestion To Have Abortion Just Because Her Daughter Has Down Syndrome

23 Aug 2021 - Calif. Church Offers Religious Exemption Letters For People Opposed To COVID Vaccine [The Fellowship of Christ International ( ) has been doing this since they started the vaccines - Dr. B. Carey]

20 Aug 2021 - Taliban Going Door To Door Seeking Christians, Searching Through Phones For Bible Apps: Report

20 Aug 2021 - 5th Circuit upholds Texas dismemberment Abortion Ban, Says Providers Can't 'Set Their Own Rules'

20 Aug 2021 - Former Satanist Says He Converted To Christianity After Having Out-Of-Body Experience In Hell

20 Aug 2021 - Uganda: Father Murders Son For Refusing To Forsake His Faith In Jesus

18 Aug 2021 - Hannity: Biden Has Destroyed America's Credibility Around The World [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Aug 2021 - Autopsy Confirms Abortion Clinic Killed Young Woman In Botched Legal Abortion

18 Aug 2021 - 16-Year-Old Bravely Rejected Abortion And She Has Absolutely No Regrets Now

18 Aug 2021 - San Diego MassResistance Confronts Library Staff During Hideous "Drag Queen Story Hour" Presentation: "You Are Exposing Children To Sexual Deviancy. How Can You Sleep At Night?" [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Aug 2021 - Court Backs Private Schools' Rights To Operate Without Undue tate Interference

16 Aug 2021 - Mom Sued By Teacher's Union For Asking Too Many Questions

16 Aug 2021 - Stay-At-Home Mom Sued By Nation's Largest Teachers' Union After Investigating CRT: "I Just Got Served With A Lawsuit From The Teacher Union NEARI. Throwing Down The Gauntlet, Are We? Game On."

16 Aug 2021 - Christian Preacher To File Lawsuit Against Police After False Claims Of ‘'Hate Speech' Thrown Out

16 Aug 2021 - Jennifer Hudson Advises People To Fight Demons In Prayer; Credits God For Her Gifts

16 Aug 2021 - 'One Heck Of A Correction': Texas Tribune Publishes False COVID Numbers For Children

16 Aug 2021 - Allie Beth Stuckey Responds To Twitter Suspending Her For Calling A Male Transgender Weightlifter A Man

13 Aug 2021 - Pastor's Son Shot Dead By Nigeria's Civilian Joint Task Force For Attempting To Stop Church Demolition

13 Aug 2021 - Judge Blocks Several Indiana abortion Laws; Parental Notification, Ultrasound Requirement Upheld

13 Aug 2021 - Former Mormon missionary finds Jesus After Attempting To Convert Baptist Pastor

13 Aug 2021 - Christian Teacher Quits In Front Of School Board To Protest 'Highly Politicized Agendas'

13 Aug 2021 - Virginia School District Passes Controversial Policy Forcing Teachers To Use Trans Pronouns

13 Aug 2021 - How The Government May Accuse You Of Domestic Terrorism [They consider disinformation to be anything or anyone that contradicts or criticizes what the government is saying or doing. They do NOT care about your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to FREEDOM OF SPEECH! - Dr. B. Carey]

13 Aug 2021 - Gender Reassignment Surgery Is Child Abuse, Says Texas Commissioner

12 Aug 2021 - CDC’s Own Stats Show 1,270 Premature Fetal Deaths Following COVID Shots But Recommend Pregnant Women Get COVID Injections [This is outirght MURDER! - Dr. B. Carey]

12 Aug 2021 - Catholic High School Can Fire Staff In Same-Sex Marriages, Court Rules

12 Aug 2021 - Robin Revealed As Possibly Bisexual In Latest Issue Of 'Batman' Comic Book [These evil ungodly people just have to twist, corrupt, and pervert everything - Dr. B. Carey]

12 Aug 2021 - Outrage: Woke Revolutionary War National Park Aims To Tell Story Of America's 'Queer' Founding: Colonial Williamsburg Has Gone Woke And Is Floating A Program To Push America's "Queer Founding."

12 Aug 2021 - Federal Court Just Threw Biden Into Penalty Box - They Rule His Mandate Can't Force Docs To Violate Their Religious Beliefs [GOOD!]

11 Aug 2021 - Federal Court Blocks Biden Policy That Would Have Forced Christian Doctors To Do Abortions [GOOD! I am glad to see that they are standing up against that death monger - Dr. B. Carey]

10 Aug 2021 - 'Where's Your God Now?': Police Stand By While Portland Antifa Assaults Christian Worshippers, Maces Pastor [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Aug 2021 - Atlanta Public School Told Catholic Couple To Remove Child From District If They Want To Avoid LGBTQ+ Issues In Kindergarten

09 Aug 2021 - Hindu Leader Issues Call For Anti-Christian Violence: 'Let Us Drag People From The Church'

09 Aug 2021 - Antifa Throws Flash Bombs At Children, Injures Pastor At Christian Prayer Event In Portland [Has an embedded video on the web page] [And yet this domestic terrorist group claims to be peaceful and nonviolent - Dr. B. Carey]

06 Aug 2021 - COURT: NJ University Must Pay Conservative Students $42K For Restricting Protest Rights: 'Montclair ... Placed Burdensome Restraints On Speech And Allowed University Officials To Selectively Enforce Those Restraints Against Groups They Didn’t Like...'

06 Aug 2021 - Olympic Athlete Sticks It To The "Woke" Crowd - Drapes Herself In U.S. Flag, Thanks God For Gold Medal [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Aug 2021 - Sodom & Gomorrah: People Having Sex In San Fran Street Go Viral, But the Comments May Be Worse ]Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Aug 2021 - Appeals Court Upholds Tennessee's Abortion Waiting-Period

06 Aug 2021 - Texas Gov Greg Abbott Wants Legislature To Pass Another Bill Saving Babies From Abortion

06 Aug 2021 - Joe Biden Allows Hospital To Force Nurse To Do Abortion, Ignores Federal Law Protecting Christians

06 Aug 2021 - University Admits Harvesting Kidneys From Unborn Babies While Their Hearts Are Still Beating

06 Aug 2021 - Pro-Life Student Expelled From University Of Louisville Med School Because He Opposes Abortion

06 Aug 2021 - Growing Up Amish & Mennonite [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Aug 2021- Court Orders 'Save James' Boy To Stay With Mother Who Says He's A Girl, Gives Father Limited Visitation [This is PURE evil - Dr. B. Carey]

05 Aug 2021 - Athletes And Sports Teams Give Thanks To God In Tokyo: 'Leave It In His Hands'

05 Aug 2021 - Women's Weightlifting Medalists Go Silent When Asked About Transgender Laurel Hubbard

04 Aug 2021 - American Medical Association Blasted After Calling For Removing Sex From Birth Certificates [This is crazy. There is no reason at all to remove it! - Dr. B. Carey]

04 Aug 2021 - Don't Let Repentance Offend You [YouTube video]

02 Aug 2021 - Are Your Friends And Family Mocking You For Building An "Ark" In Preparation For What Is Coming?

02 Aug 2021 - Graphic Content Warning: Crowd Gasps As Fed-Up Parents Read School's Pornographic Books Out Loud At Board Meeting [Has embedded videos on the web page]

30 July 2021 - Out-Of-Control Judge Claims W. Virginia Anti-Trans Athlete Law Invalid, Forces Schools To Take Trans 'Girls' In Sports: A West Virginia Judge Ruled That A School Must Allow A Biological Boy To Try Out For A Girls Cross-Country Team Despite State Law

30 July 20021- Democrats Vote For Bill To Make Americans Fund Killing Babies In Abortions In Other Countries

30 July 2021 - 539,108 Pro-Life People Sign Legal Brief Telling Supreme Court To Overturn Roe v. Wade

30 July 2021 - Biden Will Overturn Trump Pro-Life Rule, Force Americans To Fund More Abortions In Obamacare

30 July 2021 - House Democrats Pass Bill To Eliminate Hyde Amendment, Make Americans Fund Abortions

30 July 2021 - Mom Shares Photo Of 22-Week-Old Baby Who Died After Birth To Show Humanity Of Unborn Children

30 July 2021 - Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Closes Nebraska Office Because It Can't Get Enough Support [GOOD! All of them need to close! - Dr. B. Carey]

30 July 2021 - Skanks Demand Right To Prance In Immodest Apparel At Church Events

30 July 2021 - Nearly Half Of South Africans Say Prayer More Effective Against COVID-19 Than Vaccines: Study

30 July 2021 - Billy Graham's Grandson Removed From ICU Amid Battle With COVID-19; Mother Praises God

30 July 2021 - South African Olympian Sets World Record Days After Praising God: 'Your Will Be Done' - Tatjana Schoenmaker Continues To Openly Confess Her Christian Faith [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 July 2021 - Professor Apologizes To Medical Students For Being 'Offensive,' Saying 'Only Women Can Get Pregnant' [More politically correct nonsense. He said nothing wrong or offensive and should NOT have apologized for speaking the truth - Dr. B. Carey]

30 July 2021 - Texas Mom Survives Unbelievable Road Accident With Her Family - Credits Survival To Calling God's Name

29 July 2021 - Defending The Resurrection [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 July 2021 - Vaccination Status Morphing Into Mark Of The Beast [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 July 2021 - Democrat Congressman: Right To Kill Babies In Abortions Just As Important As Free Speech, Religion

29 July 2021 - Nancy Pelosi Blocks Vote On Bill To Ban Taxpayer-Funded Abortions For The 55th Time

29 July 2021 - Supreme Court Should Overturn Roe v. Wade, Finally Acknowledge Unborn Babies Are People

29 July 2021- University Health System Kicks Out Catholic Hospitals, Doctors Because They Won't Kill Babies In Abortions

29 July 2021 - Congressman Slams Biden On Abortion: "Taxpayers Should Not Be Forced To Pay For Child Dismemberment"

29 July 2021 - Former President Exposes Planned Parenthood, Says It's Obsessed With Killing Babies In Abortions

29 July 2021 - Abortion Pill Kills Teen Girl, Her Father Slams Abortion And Calls For An Investigation

27 July 2021 - Ex-Football Coach In Court Fight After Kneeling In Prayer On Field Points Out The Obvious Problem [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 July 2021 - Pro-Abortion Catholic Politician Denied Communion Threatens Church: I'll Go Get Communion With Joe Biden

26 July 2021 - Nancy Pelosi Has Blocked A Vote On The Bill To Ban Taxpayer-Funded Abortions 46 Times

26 July 2021 - Catholic Bishop Blasts Nancy Pelosi On Abortion: "The Right To Life Is Fundamental"

26 July 2021 - Archbishop Rebukes Pelosi: "No One Can Claim To Be A Devout Catholic And Condone Killing Innocent Life"

26 July 2021 - Does God Really Care If You Skip A Vacation Sunday?

26 July 2021 - Gov. Abbott Signs 'Trigger Bill,' Will Kick Into Action Once SCOTUS Overturns Roe v. Wade [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 July 2021 - Plague Cultists In The Name Of Preserving Life Threaten To Murder Pastor

26 July 2021 - Chinese Authorities Raid Zoom Church Service, Order Pastor To Stop preaching

26 July 2021 - CofE Vicar Faces Firing For Hugging Parishioner At Funeral, Going Maskless To Sing Last Verse Of Hymn

26 July 2021 - House Dems Developing Budget That Would Allow Taxpayer Funding Of Abortions Overseas

26 July 2021 - Israeli Archaeologists Find 3,100-Year-Old Inscription Linked To Book Of Judges

24 July 2021 - Israeli Archaeologists Discover 3,000-Year-Old Inscription That Confirms Part Of The Bible

22 July 2021 - Have We Gone Off The Deep End?

22 July 2021 - The Cowards Go First

21 July 2021 - Franklin Graham Sends Big Tech A Warning Straight From The Bible [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 July 2021 - Texas Governor Greg Abbott Signs Bill To Ban Abortions, Legally Protecting Every Unborn Baby [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 July 2021 - Catholic Priest Slams Abortion: Killing Babies Is "The Greatest Evil In Our Day"

21 July 2021 - Andrea Bocelli Shares Tribute Song To Mother Who Refused Doctors' Advice To Abort Him

20 July 2021 - Court Rules University's Shuttering Of Christian Club Is Worst Case Of Discrimination Its Seen: A Court Ruled Friday That The University Of Iowa Blatantly Violated The U.S. Constitution By Deregistering A Christian Student Club

20 July 2021 - Elementary School Promotes Book That Shows 'Successful' Transgender Surgery On Cover

20 July 2021 - 'I Dare You To Deny Me Communion.' What Has Happened To Catholicism In America?

20 July 2021 - Arkansas County Passes Resolution Declaring It A "Pro-Life County" Opposed To Abortion

20 July 2021 - Texas Senate Passes Pro-Life Bill Protecting Women, Saving Babies From Abortion

20 July 2021 - Liberals Want A Pregnant Man Emoji, But Science Confirms Only Women Can Get Pregnant

20 July 2021 - Feminists Want More Abortions In TV Shows And Movies To "Normalize" Killing Babies

20 July 2021 - Louisiana Abortions Dropped 31% During COVID As More Babies Saved From Abortion

20 July 2021 - Texas Senate Passes Pro-Life Bill Protecting Women, Saving Babies From Abortion

20 July 2021 - Drowning In A Cesspool Of Profanity

20 July 2021 - Protests Over Transgender Rights At LA Spa Turn Violent [Has embedded videos on the web page]

20 July 2021 - 20 July 2021 - JK Rowling Blasts Trans Activists After Death Threat: 'This Movement Poses No Risk To Women Whatsoever'

20 July 2021 - 'Devastated' freshman's COVID-19 Vaccine Medical Exemption Benied By BYU Despite Rare Disorder

20 July 2021 - 2 Georgia Churches Leave United Methodist Church Over LGBT Stance, Announce Merger

20 July 2021 - Asia Bibi Reveals How God Showed Himself On Death Row, Transformed An 'Ordinary Christian'

 16 July 2021 - Macron Says French Citizens Who Want To Shop, Dine, Travel Or Worship Must Get Vaccinated For Covid

14 July 2021 - Google Is Your Enemy: Why Are You Still Using Their "Free" Products?

14 July 2021 - Tranny Bathroom Notice Law Blocked In Federal Court

12 July 2021 - 'Thank You Father': Record-Setting Olympian Breaks The Mold, Uses Spotlight To Praise God

12 July 2021 - Leftwing Religionists Applaud Godless Socialism But Not enough To Surrender Money Making Racket

12 July 2021 - Image of Aborted Baby's Foot Shows Humanity Of 17-Week-Old Baby Killed In Abortion

12 July 2021 - Pro-Life Advocates Demand Investigation After Clinic Throws 17-Week-Old Aborted Baby In Trash

12 July 2021 - 33rd Texas City Bans Abortion, Declares Itself A "Sanctuary For The Unborn"

08 June 2021 - Years Of The Beast [YouTube video] [You can feel it everywhere and all around us. The time is just about here. Are you ready for it? - Dr. B. Carey]

08 July 2021 - Proud Immigrant Refuses To Swap US Flag For LGBT One, So Woke Thugs Throw Hot Sauce In His Eyes

07 July 2021 - Worm [YouTube movie] [I have this on DVD and highly recommened it for both Christians and non-Christians to see! - Dr. B. Carey]

07 July 2021 - 10 Churches Have Been Burned To The Ground Or Vandalized In Hate Crimes Against Christians

07 July 2021 - Catholic Bishop: Pro-Abortion Democrats Are Not In Good Standing Because They're Promoting "Evil"

07 July 2021 - Catholic Church Must Deny Biden Communion Because He's Promoting The Evil Of Abortion

07 July 2021 - British MP's Attempt To Legalize Killing Babies In Abortions Up To Birth Fails [GOOD!!!]

07 July 2021 - Gates Foundation Will Spend $1.4 Billion Pushing Population Control Worldwide [By "population control" they mean the form of mass murder and serial killing known as abortiion! - Dr. B. Carey]

07 July 2021 - Bible Publisher Ditches Plans For 'God Bless The USA' Edition

07 July 2021 - Younger Generations Need To Rediscover God, Country

07 July 2021 - No 1st Amendment Rights For Christians At The Capitol?

07 July 2021 - Disney Drops 'Boys And Girls' From Fireworks Greeting. 'More Ridiculous Every Day'

07 July 2021 - Baby Killed In Abortion After Doctor Mistakenly Told Couple Their Child Was Severely Disabled

07 July 2021 - Ohio Passes Bill Allowing Religious Hospitals, Doctors To Refuse Procedures That Violate Convictions

07 July 2021 - Hobby Lobby Under Fire For July 4th Ad Promoting 'One Nation Under God'; Franklin Graham defends

05 July 2021 - Replacing God: The CCP's Century-Long War Against Faith

05 July 2021 - Supreme Court Rejects Appeal By Christian Grandma Florist Fined For Refusing Same-Sex Wedding

05 July 2021 - New York Times Writer Slams Pro-Life Americans: They Belong To "The Cult Of The Fetus"

05 July 2021 - Federal Appeals Court Unanimously Confirms Pro-Abortion ERA Is Dead

05 Juily 2021 - Court Rules Iowa Legislature Can Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

05 July 2021 - Senator Tom Cotton: Even Kids Understand Killing Babies Is Wrong, Why Can't Feminists?

05 July 2021 - Fifth Church Burned To The Ground As Hate Crimes Against Christians Continue In Canada

05 July 2021 - Joe Biden Tells UN He Will Make Americans Fund Killing Babies In Abortions In Other Countries

01 July 2021 - A Horrifying Look At How Transgenderism Butchers People's Bodies - And The Language We Use

30 June 2021 - Kentucky Cop Placed On Leave For Praying In Front Of Abortion Clinic Will Return To Work: A City Councilwoman Said The Pro-Life Protesters Were "Making People Feel Less Than A Human."

30 June 2021 - Woke America: Transgender Wins Miss Nevada USA Pageant [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 June 2021 - Wis. Gov. Orders Gender-Neutral Birth Certificates For Parents Who Don't Identify As Mother, Father

30 June 2021 - Biden Nominates Legislator Who Sponsored Abortions Up To Birth Bill As Ambassador To Ireland

30 June 2021 - 5 things Every Christian Should Know About The Trans Movement

30 June 2021 - California Adds 5 States To Its State-Funded Travel Ban Over Supposedly 'Anti-LGBTQ' Laws

29 June 2021 - In A Massachusetts Town: How Parents Are Fighting - And Winning - A Brutal Fight With School Officials Over Aggressive LGBT Middle School Agenda

29 June 2021 - Mom Canceled Abortion After Receiving 'Sign From God,' Now Her Daughter Is 10 Years Old: 'The Night Before My Appointment, God Worked A Miracle In My Life.'

28 June 2021- Spiritually Alseep Or Discerning Eyes Wide Open?

28 June 2021 - Catholic Priest: Joe Biden's Promotion Of Abortion Means He's "Not A Good Catholic At All'

28 June 2021 - No Joe Biden, There Is No "Private Catholicism" Where You Can Support Abortion

28 June 2021 - Protecting Babies From Abortion Should Not Be A Partisan Issue, Democrats Should Be Pro-Life

28 June 2021 - Congresswoman Says "I'm Proud To Spend Every Day Fighting" To Protect Babies From Abortion

28 June 2021 - Premature Twins Died After Hospital Withholds Treatment, Despite Mom's Desperate Pleas

25 June 2021 - Josh Hawley Condemns Arrest Of Pastors Holding Church Services During Lockdowns

25 June 2021 - Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards Refuses To Sign Bill Banning Biological Males From Women's Sports

25 June 2021 - First US Transgender Olympian's Plans For American Flag On Victory Podium Were So Bad, He Tried To Purge All Evidence

25 June 2021 - Feminist Says She's No Longer "Pro-Choice," She's Now "Proudly Pro-Abortion"

25 June 2021 - European Union Passes Bill Calling Killing Babies In Abortions A Human Right

25 June 2021 - New Hampshire Passes Bill To Ban Late-Term Abortions, Protect Viable Unborn Babies

25 June 2021 - 23 States Tell Supreme Court To Support Kentucky Law Banning Dismemberment Abortions

25 June 2021 - Nancy Pelosi And Democrats Block Bill To Stop Making Americans Fund Abortions

25 June 2021 - Texas City Becomes 32nd In Nation To Ban Abortions, Votes Unanimously To Protect Babies

25 June 2021 - Mike Pompeo Reflects On Efforts To Further Religious Liberty, Vows To Stay In 'Important Fight' For 'Soul' Of US

25 June 2021 - Fifty Denominations Compared [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 June 2021 - Every Scientologist Has To Follow These 40 Rules

24 June 2021 - Tyranny: Concerned Parents Arrested After School Board Cuts Off Comments On Trans, CRT Policies [Has embedded videos on the web page]

24 June 2021 - 'Fresh Wave Of Violence' In Mozambique Driven By Radical Jihadist Extremists; Children Beheaded: Report

24 June 2021 - 82% Of Americans Say Religious Freedom Is Key To 'Healthy American Society': 50% Say Churches, Faith-Based Orgs Shouldn't Be Required To Hire People Who Oppose Their Beliefs

24 June 2021 - NFL Legend Blasts Transgender Olympian As 'Unfair': 'It's A Man Competing As A Woman'

24 June 2021 - Franklin Graham Hails Meghan McCain For Warning That Biden Is Doing 'Grave Spiritual Harm' Over Abortion

24 June 2021 - Pakistani Christian Girl Forced To Convert To Islam, Kept As 'Slave' Cook

24 June 2021 - Al Mohler Blasts VA Decision To Pay For Elective Cosmetic Surgeries For Trans-Identified Veterans [The VA should NOT have to pay for this evil and ungodly nonsense - Dr. B. Carey]

24 June 2021 - Army Won't Punish Chaplain Threatened With Reprimand For Facebook Post On Transgender Military Ban

23 June 2021 - Olympian Sharron Davies Blasts Olympics Allowing Trans Athlete To Compete Against Women

23 June 2021 - Seattle Pride Event To Make White Attendees Pay 'Reparations Fee,' City Human Rights Commission Blasts, Doxxes LGBT Critics

21 June 2021 - Democrat Warns Catholic Church It May Be stripped Of Tax-Exempt Status If Politicians Denied Communion [The Democrat Party has clearly violated the US Constitution. Neither they nor anyone has the right or authority to tell a Church, and Church, what it may believe or what it may practice or do - Dr. B. Carey]

21 June 2021 - Dem. Mayor Calls Deadly Pride Parade Car Crash 'Anti-LGBTQ Terrorism,' Then The Truth Came Out: The Democrat Mayor Of Fort Lauderdale Immediately Exploited A Pride Parade Car Crash As An Act Of "Anti-LGBTQ Terrorism"

18 June 2021 - Baker Fined For Refusing Yo Make Transgender Transition Cake

18 June 2021 - Florida Governor Signs School Prayer Bill - DeSantis Overturns 50-Year Old Rule, Institutes Statewide Minute Of Silence

18 June 2021 - IRS Denies Tax Exemption To Texas Religious Group Because Prayer, Bible Reading Boost The Republican Party

18 June 2021 - Supreme Court Rules Foster Agencies Can Deny Certification To Same-Sex Couples On Religious Grounds

17 June 2021 - Hungarian Parliament Passes Law Banning Showing LGBT Content To Minors [GOOD! More countries need to do the same thing! - Dr. B. Carey]

17 June 2021 - New Poll: 74% Of Faithful Catholics Say Pro-Abortion Politicians Shouldn't Request Communion

17 June 2021 - Democrat Senators Can't Figure Out If A 15-Week-Old Unborn Child Is A Human Being

17 June 2021 - We Must Stop Joe Biden From Making Americans Fund Killing Babies In Abortions

17 June 2021 - Pro-Life Catholic Wants Bishops To Deny Biden Communion Because He's Pro-Abortion

17 June 2021 - Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Bill For Students To Take A Moment Of Silence To Pray

17 June 2021 - Democrats Want Liberals To Boycott Pro-Life States Protecting Babies From Abortion

17 June 2021 - Supreme Court Rules Christian Foster Agency Can't Be Forced To Place Kids With Same-Sex Couples

16 June 2021 - Boris Johnson Quotes The Bible When Asked If He Believes In God: 'The Foolish Man Has Said In His Heart There Is No God'

16 June 2021 - Christian Families Forced To Flee Homes Into Forest After Women Attacked By Hindu Villagers

16 June 2021 - Why So Many Empty Churches? A Reminder And Warning For Southern Baptists

16 June 2021 - Disney Plus Reveals Marvel Character Loki Is 'Gender Fluid

16 June 2021 - Rural Kids Get Alarming Lesson On Sexuality As 4-H Goes All-In On 'Pride' Month

16 June 2021- Police Officer Recounts The Time He Met Jesus During A Near-Death Experience

16 June 2021 - Teen Girl Urges Adults To sSop Being 'Cowardly,' Protect Kids By Speaking Out Against Trans Policies

16 June 2021 - After Competing Against Transgender Athletes, Mom And Daughter Fight For Fairness In Women's Sports [Has embedded videos on the web page]

16 June 2021 - Nickolodeon Ratings Down During LGBTQ Propoganda Push

16 June 2021 - Hundreds Gather For First Ever Men's March Against Abortion In DC: 'Men Need To Stand Up, And Stand Up For Women, Try To Protect Women From Being Wounded And Of Course Protect The Most Vulnerable, Our Babies,' Said Fr. Stephen Imbarrato [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 June 2021 - Schoolmate Of Pro-Abortion Valedictorian Paxton Smith Fires Back: ‘There Is A War On … The Right To Life’ : ’Have We Really Allowed Ourselves To Become So Blind? How Can We Tolerate The Obliteration Of The Most Vulnerable? How Can We Encourage The Manipulation Of The Female Mind?’

14 June 2021 - A Woman Who Was Fired For Saying That Transgender Women Are Male Or 'Honorary Female' Wins High Court appeal - And JK Rowling's Backing

14 June 2021 - Watch Furious Mom's Epic Response To School Teaching Children About Anal Sex [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 June 2021 - Senator Tells HHS Secretary: Quit Using Birthing People. "Mom Is A Pretty Good Word, That's Worked" [Has an embedded video on the website]

10 June 2021 - Department Of Defense: We Won't Fly Pride Flag [Good!]

10 June 2021 - Pennsylvania House Passes Bill Banning Abortions On Babies With Down Syndrome

10 June 2021 - Court Blocks Missouri Abortion Ban, But State Will Take Fight To Protect Babies To SCOTUS

10 June 2021 - Louisiana Senate Passes Five Pro-Life Bills To Save Babies From Abortions

10 June 2021 - Gallup Poll: 52% Of Americans Want All Or Most Abortions Made Illegal

10 June 2021 - UK Suspends Pro-Life Doctor For 18 Months For Saving Babies From Abortion

10 June 2021 - TikTok Star Naim Darrechi Condemns Abortion: "A Life Is Being Taken Away"

10 June 2021 - Canada Declares '1 Month Isn't Enough,' Will Push LGBT Agenda For Entire 'Pride Season'

10 June 2021 - Unexpected iTunes Chart Topper: Conservative Song That's Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, And 100% Anti-Snowflake

09 June 2021 - Death By Mass Deception

09 June 2021 - City Raises White Flag In Bitter Case Against Church; Pastor Uses His Moment Of Triumph To Set A Humble Example [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 June 2021 - 'Taking Back The Rainbow': Freedom March Declares Move Of God Among Ex-LGBT People

09 June 2021 - Judge Reinstates VA Teacher Suspended For Refusing To Affirm Trans Identity For Kids, Calls School Response 'Vindictive' : "A Massive Victory For Freedom Of Speech" [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 June 2021 - Roe v. Wade Should Be Overturned, Science Proves Life Begins At Conception

09 June 2021 - The New "Woke" GOP: Massachusetts Republican Legislators Overwhelmingly Demand Resignation Of Orthodox Catholic For Expressing Traditional Belief On Homosexuals Adopting Children

09 June 2021 - Report Lists 32 Times Joe Biden Has Opposed Catholic Teaching [Yet both he and the media still claim he is such a good and perfect Catholic! - Dr. B. Carey]

09 June 2021 - Burger King Donating Up To $250K To LGBT Group In Swipe At Chick-Fil-A

09 June 2021 - Nevada To Pay Church $175K For Legal Battle Over COVID-19 Worship Restrictions

09 June 2021 - ACLU Attorney: 'Absolutely Fair' For Trans 'Women' To Compete With Girls [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 June 2021 - Children's Networks Change Their Tune For Pride Month, Launching A Full Scale Assault On Mainstream Morality

07 June 2021 - Serving God In The Digital Age [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 June 2021 - Preaching & Pastoral Ministry [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 June 2021 - Official Little League Twitter Account Pushes Gay Homosexcal Agenda On Children During Pride Month: As "Pride Month" Kicked Off This Month, National Youth Baseball Organization Little League Pushed Out A Controversial Tweet [Yes we crossed out the word gay and replaced it with homosexual. Gay means happy and since homosexuality is a sin, a sinner has nothing to be happy about]

07 June 2021 - Canadian Church Faces $183K In Fines For Holding Outdoor Worship In Defiance Of Ongoing Lockdown Orders

07 June 2021 - 'My World Fell Apart': School Chaplain Accused Of Terrorism Over LGBT Sermon Says He Won't Be Silenced

07 June 2021 - 'The Voice' Winner, Former Pastor Todd Tilghman Encourages All To Celebrate Life's Small Victories

07 June 2021 - Vermont Can't Bar Christian School Students From Tuition Program, Appeals Court Says

07 June 2021 - CBS, Hallmark Among TV Networks Refusing To Show Pro-Life Ad

07 June 2021 - The Inconvenient Truth About LGBTQ+ Activism

07 June 2021 - Are Pewfillers Obligated To Starve Themselves While Denominational Fat Cats Party Hardy In Nashville?

07 June 2021 - The Difficulty Of Recognizing Spiritual Abuse [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 June 2021 - Questioning Woketopianism Equated With Racial Massacre

07 June 2021 - Taking Back The Rainbow: Hidden Symbols In The Pride Flag | Stephen Black & Kendra White [YouTube video]

07 June 2021 - Watch Biden's Transgender Assistant Health Sec: I'm Here To Improve Americans' Mental Well-Being [Has an embedded video on the web page] ["IT" cannot improve anything. All "IT" will do is make things much worse for those who are mentally and spiritually ill! - Dr. B. Carey]

04 June 2021 - Supreme Court denies Colorado Churches' Request For Relief From COVID-19 Worship Restrictions

04 June 2021 - Seminary Surrenders Ransom To Assuage Pillaging Activists

04 June 2021 - Determined California Deputy Revives 10-Day-Old 'Lifeless' Baby Who Choked On Formula

04 June 2021 - A Teacher Who Says He Will Not Respect Transgender Students' Pronouns Got Placed On Leave. Now He's Suing [Has an embedded video on the web page] [GOOD! May God Bless him for sticking to the truth and not giving in to these bullies! - Dr. B. Carey]

04 June 2021 - High School Valedictorian Uses Her Speech To Promote Killing Babies In Abortions

04 June 2021 - Hillary Clinton Applauds Teen Who Used Graduation Speech To Promote Killing Babies In Abortions

04 June 2021 - The View Praises Teen Who Used Her Graduation Speech To Promote Killing Babies

04 June 2021 - Feminist Wants Corporations To Punish States That Pass Pro-Life Laws Protecting Babies

04 June 2021 - Feminist Wants Corporations To Punish States That Pass Pro-Life Laws Protecting Babies

04 June 2021 - Joe Biden Wants To Overturn Pro-Life Law That Has Saved 2.5 Million Babies From Abortions

04 June 2021 - Catholic Bishop Slams Biden For Wanting Americans To Fund Abortions: You Should "Protect Unborn Children"

04 June 2021 - Biden Slams Efforts To Protect Girls' Sports In Pride Month proclamation

04 June 2021 - "Wokeism" Energizes Anti-Semitism 

02 June 2021 - School Retreats, Valedictorian Gets The Victory

02 June 2021 - DeSantis Signs Bill Protecting Girls From Competing Against Biological Males On First Day Of Pride Month

02 June 2021 - Top Female Rights Activist Praises DeSantis For Protecting Girls' Sports: 'On Behalf Of All Female Athletes...Thank You'

02 June 2021 - Nonbinary 'Gegi' Unicorn Teaches Kids To Be Trans Activists, Identify As Gender Fluid

02 June 2021 - Kenyan Atheist Group Secretary Resigns After Coming To Faith In Jesus Christ

02 June 2021 - 'By The Grace Of God We're Here': 7-Y-O Florida Boy Swims An Hour To Save His Father, Sister [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 June 2021 - Florida Gov. DeSantis Says 'To Hell' With NCAA Events After Signing Transgender Sports Bill

02 June 2021 - Nigerian Christian Pastor, 3-Y-O Son Killed By Radical Fulani Herdsmen Who Surrounded Their Home

02 June 2021 - When To Leave Or Stay In A Church [Has an embedded audio file on the web page]

02 June 2021 - Liberal Activist: If Black Lives Matter, Stop Killing So Many Black Babies In Abortions

02 June 2021 - Doctors Killed Organ Donor With Fentanyl After Realizing Woman Wasn't Dead Yet

02 June 2021 - Antifa Radicals Vandalize Pro-Life Congresswoman Nancy Mace's Home

02 June 2021 - No Joe Biden, Americans Do Not Want Our Tax Dollars Used To Kill babies In Abortions

01 June 2021 - Children 'Butchered To Death' By Fulani Herders In Attacks On Nigeria's Christian Villages

01 June 2021 - The Distinguishing Difference In The Life Of The Christian [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 May 2021 - Lone Star Texas Just Passed A 'Trigger Bill' - Supreme Court Will Trigger It As Long As Conservatives Succeed

28 May 2021 - Judge Gives Order To California Governor Newsom - He Has To Pay Up To Los Angeles Church $1.35 Million

26 May 2021 - High School Track Star: Running Against Trans Athletes Is 'Devastating,' 'Tells Me That I'm Not Good Enough'

25 May 2021 - Catholic Church In St. Louis ROPES OFF Unvaccinated Members Like Cattle, Bans Them From Parish Hall

24 May 2021 - Oregon First State To Require Vaccination Proof For Maskless Entry Into Businesses, Workplaces, And Churches

24 May 2021 - Pennsylvania Voters Strip Governor's Powers After He Closed Churches, Left Abortion Clinics Open

24 May 2021 - No Nancy Pelosi, Christianity And Abortion Are Not Compatible

24 May 2021 - Insider Exposes Freemasonry As The World’s Oldest Secret Religion And The Luciferian Plans For The New World Order [Has embedded videos on the web page] [In actuality it is NOT the world's oldest religion. That is one the numerous lies and false teachings Freemasonry teaches its followers. There is no documentation to show that it even existed prior to the 1700's - Dr. B. Carey]

24 May 2021 - New York City Education Dept. Sponsors Drag Queen PBS Series For Kids Ages 3 To 8: But The PBS Outlet Insists That They Just Aired It And Have Had Nothing To Do With The Actual Production Of The Series

21 May 2021 - Federal Judge Rejects Restraining Order On HUD Rule Requiring College Boys And Girls To Share Bathrooms, Showers

20 May 2021 - 'Existential threat': CCCU Fights LGBT Students' Title IX Lawsuit Targeting Christian Colleges: CCCU Seeks To Uphold Rights Of Christian Colleges Amid 'Open Hostility' From Biden Admin.

20 May 2021 - Planned Parenthood Sues Texas City For Becoming Largest 'Sanctuary City For The Unborn'

20 May 2021 - 43% Of millennials 'Don't Know, Don't Care, Don't Believe' God Exists: Study

20 May 2021 - Christian Therapist Sues Washington Over Law Banning sexual Orientation Therapy For Minors

20 May 2021 - California To pay $1.35M To settle Harvest Rock Church Lawsuit Against Gathering Restrictions

18 May 2021 - Pastor Released From Jail For Holding Church Service Tells Americans To "Stand Up And Fight"

18 May 2021 - Court Permanently Stops Gavin Newsom From Locking Down Churches

18 May 2021 - Catholic Archbishop Rebukes Nancy Pelosi: You're "Cooperating With Evil" By Supporting Abortion

18 May 2021 - Joe Biden Is "Committed" To Abortions Up To Birth, Calls Killing Babies "Health Care"

18 May 2021 - Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Case On Late-Term Abortion Ban Protecting Babies From Abortions

18 May 2021 - CNN, MSNBC Come Unglued Over Supreme Court Hearing Case Challenging Roe v. Wade

18 May 2021 - Joe Biden Wants To Overturn President Trump's Rule Defunding Planned Parenthood

18 May 2021 - Arizona Senate Passes Bill Giving Parents Final Say Over Their Kid' Sex Education

18 May 2021 - Female Athletes Who Lost To Trans-Identified Males Fight For 'Fair Playing Field'

18 May 2021 - France Bans Gender-Neutral Words In Schools, Says They're 'Harmful' To French Language

17 May 2021 - Kellogg's Introduces Woke Transgender Cereal For Kids: Kellogg's Cereals Just Launched A Cereal To Push Transgenderism On Kids [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 May 2021 - Feminist Celebrates Killing Babies In Abortion, Claims The Abortion Pill Is Just "Medication"

17 May 2021 - Catholic Bishop Blasts Abortion: It Has "Snuffed Out" The Lives Of 63 Million People

17 May 2021 - Rand Paul Wants Planned Parenthood Investigated For Stealing Millions In COVID Relief Funds

17 May 2021 - Maltas President is A Pro-Life Doctor Who Refuses To Legalize Killing Babies In Abortions

17 May 2021 - High School Suspends Teacher For Having Pro-Life Speaker In Her Health Class

17 May 2021 - Setting Ablaze Paraphernalia Of False Belief Not The Best Outreach Strategy

17 May 2021 - Inviting Folks To Church Now A Crime?

17 May 2021 - Street Pastor Reportedly Arrested After Sermon On Genesis 1; Shocking Video Shows Him Ripped From Pulpit And Put In Cuffs [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 May 2021 - Biden Admin Going To War With States In Aggressive Bid By The Left To Completely Destroy Women's Sports

17 May 2021 - The LGBT Movement's Destructive History And Legacy

15 May 2021 - Free Christian Bookmarks

15 May 2021 - ELCA Appoints A 'They' To Leadership Position [This is a clear willful violation of the Word of God and they are inviting God's wrath to come aganst them! - Dr. B. Carey]

15 May 2021 - In Response To Possibility Of Being Denied Communion, Pelosi Implies She's God [Has an embedded video on the web page] [That is how evil is, it believes it is above and better than everything, including the Word of God, and above and better than everyone, including God Himself - Dr. B. Carey]

14 May 2021 - OBGYN Confirms Abortion Is Not Health Care

14 May 2021 - Nancy Pelosi: I Should Receive Communion Even Though I'm Pro-Abortion [She is such a loon and a hypocrite! She thinks she is above Biblical teaching and above the teachings of her Church (the Catholic Church) and thinks she has every right to tell them what she will believe and do in their own Church! - Dr. B. Carey]

14 May 2021 - Democrats Senators Want To Revive The ERA To Create A "Right" To Kill Babies In Abortion

14 May 2021 - West Virginia Legislator Switches From Democrat To Republican Because Democrats Are Pro-Abortion

14 May 2021 - Texas Legislature Passes Bill To Ban Abortions When Unborn Baby's Heart Begins Beating

14 May 2021 - ‘Shameless Lie’: HHS Sec. Becerra Denies Existence Of Law Banning Partial-Birth Abortion: Becerra Dodges Questions On ‘Illegal, Utterly Inhumane’ Practice

13 May 2021 - Lubbock, Texas Bans Killing Babies In Abortions, Becomes "Sanctuary City For The Unborn"

13 May 2021 - Liberals Want Animals Declared "Sentient Beings," But Are Fine With Killing Babies In Abortion

13 May 2021 - Catholic Bishop Wants To End Abortion: "Please Stop The Killing, This Is Innocent Life"

13 May 2021 - Feminists Want Biden To Make Americans Fund Killing Thousands Of Babies In Abortions

12 May 2021 - Canada Doubles Down On Arresting Christians

12 May 2021 - Is The Bible Anti-Woman? Fox News Anchor Shannon Bream Responds To Misconceptions, Explores Powerful Biblical Wisdom

11 May 2021 - Biden's 'Day Of Prayer' Remarks Never Mentioned God, But It DID Talk Of 'Racial Justice' And 'Climate Change

11 May 2021 - Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski Arrested For holding Church Service

11 May 2021 - Anti-Science Biden Admin. Just Redefined Sex As 'Non-Biological' For Transgender Agenda: In another Blow To Real Science, The Joe Biden Administration Just Redefined Sex As "Non-Biological"

11 May 2021 - Fauci To Vatican health conference: Priests Are Key To Convincing Religious People Take Coronavirus Shots: ‘You've Got To Match The Messenger To The Audience,' The 80-Year-Old Government Bureaucrat Said [This quack is willing to do everything hr cab to force this poison on everyone! - Dr. B. Carey]

11 May 2021 - Biden Admin Again Moves Toward Making Christians Perform 'Sex-Change' Surgeries

11 May 2021 - Illinois Requires Parental Notification For Underage Abortions. Dems Want That Changed: In Illinois, Any Minor Can Undergo An Abortion Without Parental Consent Provided Her Parents Are Notified. Democrats Want To Take Parents Out Of The Equation Altogether

07 May 2021 - Disturbing Rules Mormon Missionaries Have To Follow [Has an embedded video on the web pahe]

07 May 2021 - Evangelical Methodists vs. Bible Methodists vs. Free Methodists [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 May 2021 - Tennessee Passes Ban On Transgender Hormone Drugs For Kids

07 May 2021 - North Dakota Legislature Passes Bill To Stop Universities From Partnering With Abortion Orgs

07 May 2021 - Texas House Approves Heartbeat Bill That Could Save Thousands Of Babies

06 May 2021 - Dogmatic Pluralism Results In Operational Intolerance

06 May 2021 - White House Declares Biden Will Keep Using Bully Pulpit To Promote Transgender Dogma: 'That Includes Ensuring That Transgender Youth Have The Opportunity To Play Sports And To Be Treated Equally In States Across The Country.'

06 May 2021 - Doctors Must Tell Indiana Mothers About Abortion Reversal. Abortion Lobby Threatens Legal Action: After Indiana Passed A Bill Requiring Doctors To Tell Mothers About Life-Saving Abortion Reversals, Planned Parenthood Plans Legal Action To Prevent Women From Knowing Their Options

06 May 2021 - Some Libraries Stand Strong Against Calls To Remove Books Telling Truth About Transgenderism: Activists Are Demanding To To Pull Abigail Shrier's Recent Book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters

06 May 2021 - The Seven Principalities Of Hell

05 May 2021 - Caitlyn Jenner Opposes Biological Boys Competing In Girl' Sports: 'It Just Isn't Fair. And We Have To Protect Girls' Sports In Our Schools...'

05 May 2021 - The Depths Of This War Are Immense. The Enemy Of The People Will Lose! Pray! [Has an embedded video on the web page] [It is NOT a vaccine - It is a death sentence]

05 May 2021 - Grieving Little Girl Befriends Jogger And Dog During Dad's Funeral, Invites Them Into Chapel To Meet Him

05 May 2021 - 2 Pastors From Beijing's Zion Church Arrested 3 Years After Authorities Forced Church To Close

04 May 2021 - Pastor Arrested After Sermon On Marriage, Police Cite Complaints Of 'Homophobic Comments' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 May 2021 - China Shuts Down Bible App, Christian WeChat As New Crackdown Policies Go Into Effect

04 May 2021 - Christian MP Faces 6 Years In Prison For Tweeting Bible Verses On Marriage, Sexuality

04 May 2021 - Lubbock, Texas Becomes Largest City In America To Ban Killing Babies In Abortions

04 May 2021 - Nancy Pelosi's Bishop: Pro-Abortion Politicians "Should Not Come Forward to Receive Holy Communion"

04 May 2021 - Catholic Archbishop Says Pro-Abortion Catholics Should Be Denied Communion Because "Abortion Is Evil"

04 May 2021 - Pro-Life MP Faces 6 Years In Prison Because Finland Says Her Christian Views Are "Hate Speech"

02 May 2021 - Dogmatic Pluralism Results In Operational Intolerance

02 May 2021 - Independent Baptist vs. Presbyterians [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 May 2021 - Hitler's Monsters: A Supernatural History Of The Third Reich [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 May 2021 - Ellen Page Claims To Be Celebrating Being Transgender, But Her Eyes Tell A Very Different Story: When Page Sat Down With Oprah Winfrey, It Was Not Just For One Of The Intimate Interviews The TV Host Is Famous For. It Was A Power Move Calculated For Maximum Effect

29 Apr 2021 - Your Life Today Depends On What And Whom You Fear: A Virus, Or God?

29 Apr 2021 - Liberal congregations leaving United Methodist Church Over homosexuality debate

29 Apr 2021 - Female Detransitioner Says Gender Dysphoria Must Be Treated Like Mental Health Issue

29 Apr 2021 - Connecticut becomes 6th State To End Religious Vaccine Exemptions [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Apr 2021 - Idaho, Arizona Pass Sweeping New Protections For Preborn Children: 'At A Time When Our Federal Government Under The Biden-Harris Administration Is Pushing An Extreme Anti-Life Agenda, It's So Encouraging To See State Legislatures And Leaders...Taking Charge And Acting On The Will Of The People.'

29 Apr 2021 - Suspected Fulani gunmen Raid Baptist church Service In Nigeria, Abduct 4 Worshipers; 1 Killed

29 Apr 2021 - Illinois Church With Drag Queen Leader Has Reached 'Doctrinal Annihilation' : Al Mohle

28 Apr 2021 - Calling Out False Teachers By Name [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Apr 2021 - Brothers Grow Hair Long for 4.5 Years, Endure Bullying To Donate Locks To Children With Cancer [I can imagine all they had to put up with. When I grew mine out several eyas ago to do the same thing (I usually have a flat top) I put up with lots of comments and snide remarks from people, even from fellow Christians at Church, and when they found out what I was growing it out for they suddenly shut up - Dr. B. Carey]

28 Apr 2021 - Could A Pandemic Lead To The Mark Of The Beast? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Apr 2021 - Supreme Court Stops California From Locking Down Church, Banning Singing During Worship

28 Apr 2021 - Idaho Gov Brad Little Signs Bill Banning Abortions When Unborn Baby's Heart Starts Beating

28 Apr 2021 - Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Signs Bill Banning Abortions On Babies With Down Syndrome

28 Apr 2021 - Under Obama-Biden, FDA Bought Aborted Baby Livers, Brains And Eyeballs From Planned Parenthood

28 Apr 2021 - Leftist Professors Propose Stripping Christians Of Their Rights For Refusing To Get Vaccinated For Covid-19

27 Apr 2021 - Tennessee's 48-Hour Abortion Waiting Period Law Reinstated By Appeals Court [GOOD!!!]

27 Apr 2021 - California Law Forcing Charities To Identify Donors Is Unconstitutional, Supreme Court Hears

27 Apr 2021 - Chick-fil-A Employee Quit School To Care For Mom With Cancer–So Chain Gifts Him $25,000 Scholarship

27 Apr 2021 - Supreme Court Declines To Hear Religious Liberty Dispute Between California, Texas

27 Apr 2021 - Texas MassResistance Parents Confront Transgender Activists Trying To Intimidate State Rep Over His Support For Pro-Family Legislation: "Save James" Bills In Texas Legislature Would Stop Ghoulish "Sex-Change" Procedures On Children. But LGBT Activists Demand These Continue

27 Apr 2021 - Top 10 Sickening Details About How Federal Employees Trafficked Baby Body Parts

26 Apr 2021 - Religious Freedom Doesn't Matter To Biden WH, Says Attorney

26 Apr 2021 - Must Students With Ding Dongs Be Allowed Into Christian College Lady's Rooms?

26 Apr 2021 - What Is Cosmism?

26 Apr 2021 - Public Acclimation More Important To Lucado Than Adherence To Sound Doctrine [Has an embedded audio file on the web page]

26 Apr 2021 - Abby Johnson: Kamala's Avoiding The Border For The Same Reason She's Pro-Choice - She Doesn't Care About Life

26 Apr 2021 - College Of The Ozarks Sues Biden For Trying To Force Boys Into Girls’ Dorms: The College Of The Ozarks Is Suing To Prevent Itself From Being Forced To Change Its Longstanding Policy Of Separating Male And Female Students In Intimate Facilities Such As Dormitories

26 Apr 2021 - 'True To Its Doctrine' : Conservatives Plan For A New Church After United Methodism Splits Over homosexuality Debate

26 Apr 2021 - Man Sentenced To 29 Years In Connection With Murder Of Pastor's Wife Amanda Blackburn

26 Apr 2021 - Christian Comedian Michael Jr. Shares Transformative Stories From His Life In New Book

26 Apr 2021 - Lila Rose Urges Churches To Start Pro-Life Ministries, Embrace The Fight Against Abortion: 'The Answer Is You'

26 Apr 2021 - Alabama Enacts Law Banning Transgender Athletes From Public School Sports [GOOD! It's about time! - Dr. B. Carey]

23 Apr 2021 - Rep. Chip Roy Introduces Bill Prohibiting U.S. Taxpayer Money From Funding Forced Abortions In China

23 Apr 2021 - The Worsening War Against White People

23 Apr 2021 - Tolerancemongers Declare Jihad Against Christian Education

22 Apr 2021 - Protesters Urge Biden Admin. To Take Action Against Ethiopia For Genocide Of Amhara, Orthodox Christians

22 Apr 2021 - Kids' Cartoon 'Bluey' Blasted For Not Having 'Disabled, Queer, Poor, Gender Diverse Or Dogs Of Color' [These NUTS have gone way off the feep end! Now they are attacking cartoons! - Dr. B. Carey]

22 Apr 2021 - If "Black Lives Matter," BLM Activists Should Oppose Abortion

22 Apr 2021 - Nothing Is More Racist Than Planned Parenthood Killing 247 Black Babies In Abortions Every Day

22 Apr 2021 - Joe Biden Is Making Americans Pay For Trafficking In Aborted Baby Parts

22 Apr 2021 - Joe Biden is So Radically Pro-Abortion He's Already Less Moral Than President Trump

22 Apr 2021 - Joe Biden Is Just Planned Parenthood's Pro-Abortion Mouthpiece

22 Apr 2021 - Oklahoma Legislature Passes Bill Banning Abortions When Unborn Baby's Heart Begins Beating

22 Apr 2021 - Tennessee House Passes Bill Recognizing Humanity Of Babies Killed In Abortions

22 Apr 2021 - Idaho Senate Committee Passes Bill Banning Abortions When Unborn Baby's Heart Starts Beating

22 Apr 2021 - Arkansas Legislature Passes Bill Banning Planned Parenthood From Public Schools [GOOD! They shoudl never have been therfe in the first place! - Dr. B. Carey]

22 Apr 2021 - Kellogg's Partners with Far-Left Group To Launch LGBT+ 'Pride' Cereal

22 Apr 2021 - Woketopians Conspire To Seize Control Of Southern Baptist Convention

22 Apr 2021 - The "Save James" Bills - To Ban "Sex-Change" Procedures On Children - Moving Forward In Texas Legislature. But Facing Roadblocks By Aggressive Corporate And LGBT Opposition

22 Apr 2021 - COVID-19 Testrictions 'Harmed' Religious Minorities, Violated Freedom To Practice Faith: USCIRF Report

22 Apr 2021 - 'Religious Liberty In Crisis': Ken Starr Says New Challenges Are Undermining America's first freedom

22 Apr 2021 - Colombian Woman Challenges Court Order Forcing Her To Remove Video Supporting Traditional Marriage

19 Apr 2021 - Judge Blasts Abortion: "Many Think Eugenics Ended With The Horrors Of The Holocaust. It Did Not"

19 Apr 2021 - Joe Biden Will Make Americans Fund Research Using Body Parts From Aborted Babies

19 Apr 2021 - 'I Was Treated Like an Experiment': Former Trans Child Taken Advantage Of When She 'Needed Help' Most

19 Apr 2021 - Vatican Health Conference Will Feature Abortion Activist Chelsea Clinton

19 Apr 2021 - Chelsea Clinton Celebrates Abortion: Killing a Baby Is A "Personal Choice"

19 Apr 2021 - Obama Continues As Antichrist Surrogate In Mark Of Beast Dress Rehearsal

19 Apr 2021 - Independent Baptist vs. Christian & Missionary Alliance: What's The Difference? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Apr 2021 - Connecticut Lawmakers To Vote On Repealing Religious Exemption To Vaccine Mandates: A Full Vote Could Take Place As Early As April 19 On Two Bills, Passed Out Of Committee Last Month, That Would Repeal Connecticut’s Religious Exemptions. Vaccine Safety Advocates Are Asking For Help In Defeating The Bill

19 Apr 2021 - National Institute Of Health Awards $500K Grant To General Electric To Build COVID-Detecting Microchip [Early version of the Mark of the Beast? - Dr. B. Carey]

16 Apr 2021 - Plague Cult Edges Closer Towards Mark Of The Beast

16 Apr 2021 - What Are Microchurches? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Apr 2021 - Christian Activist: LGBT Radicals Launched 'Terror Campaign' Against Me And My Family: Caroline Farrow's Family Had To Endure Death Threats And Harassment Because She Stood Up For Biblical Truth

16 Apr 2021 - Gov't. Workplace Discrimination Agency Fires Employee For Report On Religious Discrimination: Sharon Gustafson Has Been Fired At 'The Direction Of President Biden' After Writing A Report On Religious Discrimination In The Workplace

16 Apr 2021 - More Than 30 States Now Considering Bills To Ban Sexually Confused Boys From Girls Sports: West Virginia Is The Latest State To Move Toward Protecting Girls And Women From Having To Compete Against Boys And Men Claiming To Be Female [GOOD! - Dr. B. Carey]

16 Apr 2021 - Things Amish Preachers Share In Church [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Apr 2021 - Act Of Kindness From Stranger Leads To Series Of Blessings For Homeless Man, Finds Job And Community Support

14 Apr 2021 - Christian Doctor Who Wrote About Presence Of Angels, Fragility Of Life Killed In SC Mass Shooting

14 Apr 2021 - Prince Philip ‘Persuaded’ Queen Elizabeth To Talk About Her Christian Faith In Public Broadcasts: The Duke Of Edinburgh Was ‘Extremely Interested’ In Theology

14 Apr 2021 - Are You Living For Your Plans Or His?

14 Apr 2021 - California Lifts 'Mandatory' COVID-19 Capacity Limits For Churches

14 Apr 2021 - Biden’s Pentagon Talks Of Microchipping People To Detect COVID-19 In The Body

14 Apr 2021 - Appeals Court Upholds Ohio's Down Syndrome Abortion Ban; Judges Debate 'Eugenics' Comparison

14 Apr 2021 - College Sports ‘Unequivocally Supports’ Transgender Athletes Playing Against Biological Girls: The NCAA Has Come Out With Full-Throated Support Of Men Claiming To Be Women Competing Against Natural-Born Women In College Sports

12 Apr 2021 - Supreme Court Blocks California's Restrictions On In-Home Religious Gatherings

12 Apr 2021 - Texas MassResistance Activists Up Against Corporate America - Fighting To Pass Important "Save James" Legislation At The State House

12 Apr 2021 - Unusual Rules The Amish Have To Follow

12 Apr 2021 - Target Sells Woke Prayer Book: "Dear God, Please Help Me To Hate White People."

12 Apr 2021 - History Of Christianity: Medieval Theology [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Apr 2021 - A Conversation About Anglicanism [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Apr 2021 - Theologian Hans Kung Passes

12 Apr 2021 - 2 Pakistani Christian Nurses Charged With Blasphemy, Could Face Life In Prison

12 Apr 2021 - Canadian Shurch Shut Down, Fenced Off For Not Complying With COVID-19 Lockdown Orders [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Apr 2021 - Satan's Great Wrath, Because His Time Is Short

12 Apr 2021 - Canadian Plague Cultists Infringing Upon Christian Liberties Too Cowardly To Confront Defiant Islamists

09 Apr 2021 - BREAKING - Cahtolic Cardinal Burke: Pro-Abortion Politicians Are In 'Apostasy,' Automatically Excommunicated: Whilst Not Mentioning Him By Name, The Statement Is Likely Aimed At Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBT, U.S. President Joe Biden

09 Apr 2021 - Christianity Among The Philosophers [Has an embedded audio file on the web page]

09 Apr 2021 - Who Will Whore Themselves To The Beast?

08 Apr 2021 - University Lifts Suspension Of Student Refusing To Use 'Preferred' Pronouns: 'If I'm A Man That Thinks I'm A Woman, I'm Still A Man.'

08 Apr 2021 - Christian Wedding Photographer Sues New York Over LGBT Anti-Discrimination Law

08 Apr 2021 - Canadian Pastor Says Attacks On Church Services Bring Back Memories Of Communism [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Apr 2021 - Government Authorities 'Physically Close' Church Over COVID Violations, Erect Fencing [They go after the churches but allow the stip clubs, bars, and casinos to stay open - Dr. B. Carey]

05 Apr 2021 - Catholic Priest Savages Biden, Doesn't Go Easy On Him Just Because They Share The Same Religion [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Apr 2021 - The Equality Act Is The Most Unequal Act Ever

05 Apr 2021 - Residents Of LA suburb Successfully Stop Yet Another LGBT Effort By Their Local Government

05 Apr 2021 - How The "Greater Good" Is Used As A Tool Of Social Control

05 Apr 2021 - Mike Lindell: New Social Media Platform Will Be Able To Handle Upwards Of A Billion People

05 Apr 2021 - Considering The Death Of Christ

05 Apr 2021 - Church Accuses London Police Of 'Brutally Exceeding Their Powers' After Shutting Down Service

01 Apr 2021 - Texas Student Activists Enraged At Conservative Group For Putting Bible Verses In Easter Eggs

01 Apr 2021 - Biden Imposes His Pro-Transgender Policy On Military

01 Apr 2021 - Nancy Pelosi Just Got Sued By A Christian Preacher

01 Apr 2021 - A Costless Christianity

01 Apr 2021 - 'I Want To Be A Part Of What They're Part Of': A College Student Returns To The Faith

01 Apr 2021 - Truth In Grace: The Gospel Of Isaiah

01 Apr 2021 - Kevin, Sam Sorbo Say Media Lies Played 'Pivotal Role' In Getting Abortion Legalized Nationwide

01 Apr 2021 - Pennsylvania Court Rules Against Abortion Clinics, State Can Limit Medicaid Funding For Abortion

01 Apr 2021 - New York Sued For Not Offering ‘X’ Gender Option In Public Assistance, Food Stamp Registration [More insanitry fro those who refuse to accept reality! - Dr. B. Carey]

31 Mar 2021 - Arkansas Legislature Passes Bill To Ban Puberty Blockers, Sex-Change Surgery For Minors

31 Mar 2021 - Disturbing: Commercial Features Young Boy Raised As A Girl By Lesbians [Has embedded videos on the web page]

31 Mar 2021 - Kentucky Legislators Push To Amend State Constitution To Clarify: No Right To Abortion

31 Mar 2021 - Catholic Cardinal Burke Floats 'Excommunication' For Biden Over His 'Aggressive' Abortion Promotion: The Cardinal Said That A Politician Who Claims To Be A Catholic And Yet Openly And Aggressively Promotes Procured Abortion Is In The State Of Apostasy

31 Mar 2021 - Dr. Walter Martin - Chariots Of Who? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 Mar 2021 - The Blacklist Against Conservative Authors [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Mar 2021 - Can I Lose My Salvation?

30 Mar 2021 - 6th Circuit Sides With Christian Prof. Who Refused To Call Trans Student By Preferred Pronoun

30 Mar 2021 - 'Dangerous' and 'Evil': Christian Leaders React To Rapper Lil Nas X's 'Satan Shoes'

30 Mar 2021 - Islamic State Group Beheads Multiple Christians, Scatters Bodies In Streets

 26 Mar 2021 - Conservative Student Group Plants 1,000 Pink Flags At UT Austin To Memorialize Unborn. They Were Gone Within 12 Hours [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Mar 2021 - USA Today Says Christian Values Are "Archaic," Wants Christian School Oral Roberts Banned

25 Mar 2021 - The Good Doctor” Thrills Viewers When Shaun and Lea Choose Life for Their Baby Instead Of Abortion

25 Mar 2021 - Christ, Our Passover

25 Mar 2021 - Planned Parenthood Sends Names Of Pro-Life Leaders To Police To Try To Get Them Arrested

25 Mar 2021 - South Dakota Gov Kristi Noem Will Sign Bill Banning Abortions On Babies With Down Syndrome

25 Mar 2021 - Democrats Confirm Abortion Activist Rachel Levine As Assistant Health Secretary

25 Mar 2021 - Democrats Confirm Biden Budget Nominee Shalanda Young, She Thinks Aborting Babies Is "Health Care"

25 Mar 2021 - Church Treasurer Embezzles $150,000 To Fuel Smut Addiction

25 Mar 2021 - Answering Assumptions About Mennonites [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Mar 2021 - The Marks Of A Cult

24 Mar 2021 - The Collapsing American Family

24 Mar 2021 - Franklin Graham Blasts Abortion: "In God's Eyes, Abortion Is Murder"

24 Mar 2021 - Pope Francis Condemns Abortions On Babies With Down Syndrome: "Every Child Is A Gift"

24 Mar 2021 - Colorado baker Jack Phillips back In Court After Refusing To Make Gender Transition Cake

22 Mar 2021 - New White House 'Gender Policy Council' Will Promote Abortion And LGBT Ideology Throughout Gov't Agencies: The Biden Gender Council Will Cover An Ambitious - And Expansive - Set Of Issues, Many Of Which Provide An Opening For Abortion In Its Policy Recommendations.

22 Mar 2021 - Arkansas Governor Says State's Near-Total Abortion Ban Designed to Challenge Roe v. Wade [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Mar 2021 - The First Passover [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Mar 2021 - The Silent Scream [YouTube video]

19 May 2021 - Father Arrested, Jailed For Contempt After Referring To His Daughter As 'She,' Voicing Dissent In Interviews

19 May 2021 - Democrat Introduces Bill To Ban Minors From Getting Transgender-Reassignment Surgery, Treatments

18 Mar 2021 - BREAKING: US House votes To Enshrine Abortion In Constitution By Reviving 'Equal Rights Amendment'

18 Mar 2021 - Equality Act Would Cancel Religious Freedom

18 Mar 2021 - Stand With Lydia: Request Your Free "Jesus Loves Me" Masks

18 Mar 2021 - Israeli Archaeologists Discover Biblical Scroll Fragments For The First Time In 60 Years

18 Mar 2021 - Black Pastors Slam Equality Act As 'A Danger' To Religious Institutions, Back 'Fairness For All'

18 Mar 2021 - Groundbreaking Innovation Promotes Bible Reading And Study

18 Mar 2021 - Christian Reporter Joins Playboy Correspondent In Protest Of Biden's Press Policies

17 Mar 2021 - Vatican Declares Blessings For Same-Sex Unions 'Illicit'

17 Mar 2021 - Saying God Cannot Bless Sin The Vatican Bars Priests From Blessing Same Sex 'Marriage'

17 Mar 2021 - Why It's Impossible For Catholic Church To Bless Homosexual Couples: Cardinal Müller

17 Mar 2021 - FAQ: How Does New Trump Fetal Tissue Policy Impact Medical Research? [This is why Kamalia went after that man who exposed the fetal parts - because they sell them and that is against the law. I bet he doesn't know it. - Dr. B. Martini, D.Hum.]

15 Mar 2021 - Truth In Grace: Isaiah 9 - His Hand Is Raised To Strike!

15 Mar 2021 - Quit Calling Joe Biden A "Faithful Catholic." He's A Leftist And A Radical Abortion Activist

15 Mar 2021 - Joe Biden Can't Say He's A "Devout" Catholic When He Makes Americans Fund Abortions Twice

15 Mar 2021 - Nancy Pelosi Is Trying To Steal A Congressional Seat From A Pro-Life Republican Who Won

15 Mar 2021 - Florida House Committee Passes Bill To Ban Abortions On Babies With Down Syndrome

15 Mar 2021 - Judge Upholds Ohio Law Recognizing Humanity Of Babies Killed In Abortions

15 Mar 2021 - Virginia Gov Ralph Northam Signs Bill Making Taxpayers Fund Killing Babies In Abortions

12 Mar 2021 - Hundreds Of Women Unite To Protest Against Biden's Transgender Executive Order, Equality Act

12 Mar 2021 - NY Bill Could Force Schools To Teach Sex Ed To Kindergartners, Gender Identity To 2nd Graders

12 Mar 2021 - Pastor Who Wanted To Be Raptured Or Die In Church Suffers Fatal Heart Attack Near Pulpit [He brought it upon himself. The Bible tell us: "Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God." (Matthew 4:7, KJV) ]

12 Mar 2021 - Truth In Grace: Isaiah 9 - Repent!

12 Mar 2021 - Joe Biden Signs COVID Bill With The Greatest Expansion Of Abortion Funding In A Decade

12 Mar 2021 - Marco Rubio Says No To Radical Abortion Activist At Department Of State: She Is Way Over The Line

09 Mar 2021 - New York Lawmaker Pushes Sex Ed Overhaul: Teaching 'Gender Identity' To 5-Year-Olds, 'Anal Sex' To 11-Year-Olds [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Mar 2021 - Supreme Court Sides With Christian Student Barred From Preaching On Ga. College Campus

08 Mar 2021 - Same AP That Once Pushed Propaganda For Adolf Hitler Now Pushing Transgenderism With Extreme Media Bias

08 Mar 2021 - Free eChart On King Nebuchadnezzar And The Babylonian Empire

08 Mar 2021 - Truth In Grace: Isaiah 9 - Peace!

08 Mar 2021 - Aborted Fetal Tissue In Vaccines: Babies Are Born ALIVE At 5-6 Months Old With Beating Hearts And No Anesthesia

05 Mar 2021 - Bill Making Worship Services 'Essential' Counters Guv's Mandates [GOOD! It is abo'ut time soemone took action! - Dr. B. Carey]

05 Mar 2021 - Some U.S. Faith Leaders Express Moral Concerns About Johnson & Johnson Vaccine [Has an embedded slide show on the web page] [Getting no vaccine would be even better! - Dr. B. Carey]

05 Mar 2021 - Mississippi Gov Will Sign Bill Limiting Transgender Athletes [GOOD it's about time they started standing up against this evil abomination! - Dr. B. Carey]

05 Mar 2021 - Alabama Comes 1 Step Closer To Nation's First Ban On Trans Surgeries, Puberty Blockers For Children [GOOD! MOre states need to do the same thing! - Dr. B. Carey]

05 Mar 2021 - Mississippi Passes Bill To Ban Biological Males From Competing Against Women [GOOD!]

05 Mar 2021 - Big WIN In Montana Legislature Against Powerful Transgender Movement. House Passes Bill To Ban Transgender Surgeries On Children [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Mar 2021 - Nigerian Pastor Freed By Boko Haram Hours Before Execution: 'I Thank God'

05 Mar 2021 - Vanguard Presbytery & Evangelists [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Mar 2021 - Recovering Christian Vocational Calling [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Mar 2021 - The Formation Of The Global Methodist Church [Has an embedded audio file on the web page] 

04 Mar 2021- Christ As The Living Water [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Mar 2021 - The Democrats Relentless War On Women Is On Overdrive

04 Mar 2021 - Tom Hanks' Son Chet Says Being 'Touched By God' Led Him To Convert From Atheism [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Mar 2021 - Truth In Grace: Isaiah 8 - Christ Is The Refuge!

02 Mar 2021 - Satanic Temple In Texas Files Lawsuit Demanding "Religious Right" To Sacrifice Babies Through Abortion [This is PURE EVIL - Dr. B. Cateu]

02 Mar 2021 - Here's What You Need To Know About The Anti-Family Equality Act

02 Mar 2021 - Inequality Of Equality Act stretches From Locker Room To Court Room

02 Mar 2021 - United Methodist Conservatives Detail Plans For A Breakaway

02 Mar 2021 - Democrats' $1.9 trillion COVID-19 Relief Bill Forces Taxpayers To Bail Out Abortion Industry: Democrats Have Pushed Through Extreme Anti-Life Provisions Masquerading As COVID-19 Relief...A Blatant Disregard For All Pro-Life Americans [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 Mar 2021 - Pastor Slams Abortion: "Abortion Is The Leading Cause Of Death, More Than Heart Disease And Cancer"

02 Mar 2021 - Ted Cruz: I Will Vote Against HHS Nominee Xavier Becerra, He's A Pro-Abortion Extremist

02 Mar 2021 - New Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus Vaccine Created With Fetal Cells From Babies Killed In Abortion

02 Mar 2021 - Priest Calls Joe Biden The "Most Aggressively Anti-Catholic" President Because He's Pro-Abortion

02 Mar 2021 - Pope Benedict Criticizes Joe Biden For Supporting Abortion: "He's In Continuity With" Democrats

02 Mar 2021 - David Daleiden Appeals Ruling Forcing Him To Pay Planned Parenthood $16 Million For Exposing Baby Part Sales [He did the right thing and did nothing wrong! And now they are trying to punish him for exposing this evil! - Dr. B. Carey]

01 Mar 2021 - Take Five: Mike Adams The Health Ranger [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 Mar 2021 - Acolytes Of Moloch Insisting It's Your Body When Slaughtering Unborn Say Otherwise In Regards To Plague Cult Alchemy

01 Mar 2021 - Prosperity Preacher's Faith Apparently Not Strong Enough To Pray Away The Plague

01 Mar 2021 - Joe Biden Has Already Started Promoting Abortion At The United Nations

01 Mar 2021 - Senator Josh Hawley: "Our Rights Come From God, Not Google"

01 Mar 2021 - These Three Republicans Voted For The Pro-Abortion Equality Act, Betraying Pro-Life Values

01 Mar 2021 - New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham Signs Bill Legalizing Killing Babies In Abortions Up To Birth

01 Mar 2021 - Congressman Jerry Nadler: "God's Will is No Concern of This Congress" [Has an embedded video on the web page] [Christ said, "But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven" (Matthew 10:33)]

01 Mar 2021 - Old Catholic vs Independent Catholic [Has an embedded audio file on the web page]

01 Mar 2021 - Classic Toy Mr. Potato Head Will Now Be Genderless

01 Mar 2021 - Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Equality Act 'Disgusting' In Epic Rant Against It: The Republican Ripped 'Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, And The Rest Of The Woke Democrats' For 'Defying Science, Defying God's Creation, And Only Car(Ing) About Governing Over People's Feelings.'

01 Mar 2021 - South Dakota Doctors Must Now Protect Babies Born Alive After Failed Abortion: The New Law Requires Doctors To Offer Babies Born Alive After A Failed Abortion The Same Medical Care They Would Offer To Any Other Child

01 Mar 2021 - 317 Girls Kidnapped From Boarding School In Nigeria; Parents Praying For 'Divine Intervention'

01 Mar 2021 - Supreme Court Blocks County's Ban On Indoor Worship Gatherings, Calls 9th Circuit Ruling 'Erroneous'

26 Feb 2021 - College Student Gets Suspended For Saying 'A Man Is A Man, A Woman Is A Woman' (Details)

26 Feb 2021 - House Passes Equality Act, Which Will Hurt 'Religious Freedom, Women's Sports' & More

26 Feb 2021 - Lost Generation? America's War Against Parents and The Destruction Of Childhood [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Feb 2021 - 'These Biological Males Are Just Taking It Away From Us': High School Girl Athlete Blasts Biden Administration For Abandoning Her Lawsuit [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Feb 2021 - What Is The Free Methodist Church? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Feb 2021 - Pastor Said Government Has No Business Telling Churches What To Do. Then, He Was Jailed: 'Caesar Has No Jurisdiction Here,' Said Canadian Pastor James Coates, Who Kept His Church Open Despite Government Lockdowns

25 Feb 2021 - Google Bans LifeSite From AdSense, Discover, And News features

25 Feb 2021 - Truth In Grace: Isaiah 7 - He Is Coming!

25 Feb 2021 - South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Signs Bill To Stop Infanticide, Care For Babies Born Alive After Abortion

25 Feb 2021 - Xavier Becerra Desperately Tries To Hide How He Wanted To Force Catholic Nuns To Fund Abortions [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Feb 2021 - Planned Parenthood Has Killed 8.6 Million Babies In Abortions

25 Feb 2021 - Catholic Bishops Oppose "Equality Act" Because It Would Force Americans To Fund Abortions

25 Feb 2021 - California Bill Requires 'Gender Neutral' Stores, Fines Retailers $1000 For Having Separate 'Boy' And 'Girl' Toy Departments

25 Feb 2021 - 5 Things To Know About The Anti-Family Equality Act That Could Pass This Week

25 Feb 2021 - Democrat Equality Act ‘The Most Comprehensive Assault On Christianity Ever Written Into Law’ : ‘This Is A Radical Bill That Uses The Government To Control, Through Coercion, How Every American Thinks, Speaks, And Acts On Issues Of Human Sexuality’

12 Feb 2021 - The Ambivalent Christian

12 Feb 2021 - Totalitarianism: How Christians Can Resist The New Cultural Religion [Has an embedded video on tghe web page]

12 Feb 2021 - BREAKING: YouTube Shuts Down LifeSite's Channel, Every Video Completely Gone: LifeSite Has All Its Videos Backed Op. Our Over 300,000 Followers Can Read Here Where To Find Alternative Platforms To Access Our Truth-Telling Content

12 Feb 2021 - Why "Conservatives" And "Anti-Vaxxers" Are Being Blocked On The Internet...

12 Feb 2021 - New AZ Democratic Committee Chair Sponsored Bill To Withhold Care From Abortion Survivors [Even if they are alive they will let them die! This is still MURDER! - Dr. B. Carey]

12 Feb 2021 - Ruling Favors Churches, Rejects Governor

12 Feb 2021 - Danish Churches Wary Of Potential For Gov't Intrusion

12 Feb 2021 - An Introduction To Lutheranism [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Feb 2021 - Independent Baptist vs Methodist: What's The Difference? [Has an embedded video onn the web page]

12 Feb 2021 - Is Your Vaccination Status Any Of The Church's Business?

 09 Feb 2021 - Clergy Member Terminated For Spreading Vaccine Myths [These so-called myths are in reality vaccine FACTS and TRUTHS! - Dr. B. Carey]

05 Feb 2021 - Persecution Of Christians In India 'Steadily Worsening;' 3 Pastors Jailed On Charges Of Forced Conversion

05 Feb 2021 - Twitter, Facebook Ramp Up Censorship Of Dissenters From Biden's Transgender Policies: Acknowledging That Men Cannot Become Women Violates Facebook's 'Rules Against Hateful Conduct.'

05 Feb 2021 - Joe Biden Tells National Prayer Breakfast To Respect Life Days After Making Americans Fund Abortions [What a hypocrite! - Dr. B. Carey]

05 Feb 2021 - Nancy Pelosi And Hillary Clinton Say They're For Children, But They Promote Killing Children In Abortion [They are all for this form of mass murder and serial killing and want to force it upon everyone! - Dr. B. Carey]

05 Feb 2021 - Senate Democrats Block Amendment To Stop Infanticide, Care For Babies Born Alive After Abortions

05 Feb 2021 - Bishop Naumann - US Bishops Must Address Scandal Of 'Catholic' Biden Championing Abortion: Biden's Actions Are 'Confusing Catholics And Non-Catholics Regarding The Church's Teaching On The Evil Of Abortion'

05 Feb 2021 - Truth In Grace: Isaiah 3 - Judgement Begins Here

05 Feb 2021 - Truth In Grace: Isaiah 4 - On That Day!

04 Feb 20210 - Social Media Users Are Attempting To 'Cancel' Christian Actor Chris Prat: He Doesn't Think Like Them, So He Must Go!

04 Feb 2021 - 'Screams Echoed Throughout The Building': Women Raped, Tortured In China's 'Re-Education' Camps

04 Feb 2021 - Nigeria's Military Executes 6 Christian Soldiers Framed For Crime, Human Rights Leaders Say: Government Now Claims The Christian Soldiers Are Alive, But No One Has Seen Them

04 Feb 2021 - Jen Psaki Says Joe Biden Is "Delivering On His Promise" Of Unity By Forcing Americans To Fund Abortions [Has an embedded video on the web page] [Yeah by bringing us together to fight him on his mass murder and serial killing agenda! - Dr. B. Carey]

04 Feb 2021 - African Bishop Slams Joe Biden For Funding Planned Parenthood: Abortion Is An "Abominable Crime"

04 Feb 2021 - Joe Biden Is Using His "Catholic Faith" As Cover For His Radical Abortion Agenda

04 Feb 2021 - Congresswoman Kat Cammack: Doctors Urged My Mom To Have An Abortion, But She Chose Life

04 Feb 2021 - Federal Court Rules Courthouse Can Keep Nativity On Display

04 Feb 2021 - Josh Hawley Blasts Joe Biden Funding Planned Parenthood: He's "Snuffing Out the Lives Of Unborn Children"

02 Feb 2021 - Joe Biden Calls Himself A "Savior Around The World" For Forcing Americans To Fund Planned Parenthood [Blasphemener and pusher of mass murder and serial kiling - Dr. B. Carey]

02 Feb 2021 - Beijing Unleashes Its Wrath On Christian Homeschool Group

02 Feb 2021 - Pro-Life Senators Introduce Bills To Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

02 Feb 2021 - 46 Senators Introduce New Bill To Stop Infanticide, Protect Babies Who Survive Abortions

02 Feb 2021 - Conservatives Praise South Carolina Win On Abortion Ban

02 Feb 2021 - Baptist Minister Thanks Joe Biden For Funding Planned Parenthood, Calls Abortion A "Sacred Decision" [There is nothing "sacred" about this, it is sacrilege and pure evil. This minister should be defrocked! - Dr. B. Carey]

02 Feb 2021 - Tim Tebow Urges Christians To Stand Against Abortion: "We're Called To Be Pro-Life" [AMEN to that! - Dr. B. Carey]

02 Feb 2021 - 'President For All Americans' Except Pro-Life Majority

02 Feb 2021 - Biden Re-Opens Door For Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

02 Feb 2021 - Whore Of Babylon Targets Franklin Graham

02 Feb 2021 - Christian Organization Suspended From Twitter After Calling Dr. Rachel Levine 'A Man Who Believes He Is A Woman'

02 Feb 2021 - 'Help Us, Don't Kill Us': Africans Plead With Biden To Not Fund Abortion In Their Countries: 'We Appeal To Joe Biden, Please Do Not Sponsor Abortion In Africa'

02 Feb 2021 - Joe Biden Forcing Americans To Fund Planned Parenthood Proves He's No "Devout Catholic"

02 Feb 2021 - Chuck Norris Slams Abortion: "Crazy That People Value Bamboo Straws More Than Human Life"

02 Feb 2021 - Honduras Makes Its Abortion Ban Permanent: "All Human Beings Have A Right To Life"

29 Jan 2021 - Truth In Grace: Isaiah 2: Warnings And Rebuke

29 Jan 2021 - Pro-Lifers Slam Joe Biden For Forcing Americans To Fund Planned Parenthood, He's No "Devout Catholic"

29 Jan 2021 - Biden Regime Pledges Fidelity To Moloch

29 Jan 2021 - Facebook Bans Christian Prof. From Platform For Opposing Biden's Transgender Military Policy

28 Jan 2021 - Former NFL Player Ben Watson: We Have To Fight Joe Biden's Abortion Agenda [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Jan 2021 - New Poll Shows Majority Of Americans Are Pro-Life, Oppose All Or Most Abortions

28 Jan 2021 - Pro-Life Law In Poland Goes Into Effect Today Banning Abortions, Protecting Unborn Babies

28 Jan 2021 - New Poll Shows 80% Of Millennials Oppose Abortions Up To Birth, 57% Oppose Roe v. Wade

27 Jan 2021 - Joe Biden Wants To Force Americans To Fund Abortions, Kill Hyde Amendment After 45 Years

27 Jan 2021 - Planned Parenthood Received $1.6 Billion Of Our Tax Dollars To Promote Its Abortion Agenda

27 Jan 2021 - House Republicans Tell Nancy Pelosi: We Will Oppose Any Bill To Force Americans To Fund Abortions

27 Jan 2021 - Twitter Bans MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell As Purge Of Pro-Life Conservatives Continues

27 Jan 2021 - Joe Biden Puts Three More Pro-Abortion Extremists, Including Susan Rice, In Key Policy Positions

27 Jan 2021 - Joe Biden Puts Three More Pro-Abortion Extremists, Including Susan Rice, In Key Policy Positions

27 Jan 2021 - Truth In Grace: Hebrews 7: The Promise Of An Oath

27 Jan 2021 - The Rise Of False Teachings In The Last Days [Has an embeddeds video on the web page]

26 Jan 2021 - Biden, Harris Release Statement Celebrating Killing Babies In The Womb [That is because they are PURE EVIL and worshippers of Baal - Dr. B. Carey]

26 Jan 2021 - Governor To Kamala: 'Abortion Isn't Health Care'

26 Jan 2021 - Christian Groups React To Biden's Executive Order On Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation

26 Jan 2021 - 'Christ Born Of Mary' Inscription Uncovered In Ancient Church In Israel

26 Jan 2021 - FBI Investigates Explosion At California Church Labeled 'Hate Group' \By SPLC [The SPLC itself is a very anti-Christian hate group and should be investigated by the FBI! - Dr. B. Carey]

26 Jan 2021 - Supreme Court Voids Lower Court Ruling That Allowed Temporary Abortion Ban In Texas

26 Jan 2021 - Pro-Life Group Warns ERA Being Used As 'Stealth Missile' To Insert Abortion Rights Into Constitution

26 Jan 2021 - The Left Said Amy Coney Barrett's Faith Made Her 'Radical.' Now, They Say Joe Biden's Faith Makes Him 'Devout'

22 Jan 2021 - Nancy Pelosi's Bishop Slams Her On Abortion: You Don't Understand "Thou Shalt Not Kill"

22 Jan 2021 - Catholic Bishops Warn Joe Biden: "Abortion Is A Direct Attack On Life"

22 Jan 2021 - Catholic Bishop To Joe Biden: "If Life At Its Beginning Is Not Protected, None Of Us Are Safe"

22 Jan 2021 - Decentralization Urgent As Big Tech Condemns Free Speech [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Jan 2021 - Freedom Of Speech Slipping Away

21 Jan 2021 - Supreme Court Reverses Abortion Rule

21 Jan 2021 - County In Washington Erases Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah From Taxpayer-Funded Calendar

21 Jan 2021 - New Press Secretary Says Pro-Choice Joe Biden Is A 'Devout Catholic' : So 'Devout' Means Something Completely Different Now? [Has an embedded video on the web page] [This is obviously an outright lie. How can he be a "devout Catholic" and still be for abortion? Abortion goes against what they teach and believe! - Dr. B. Carey]

21 Jan 2021 - Antifa Terrorizes Portland, Seattle Streets - Vandalize DNC Building, Threaten Cops: What Would Inauguration Day Be Without A Little Flag Burning, Right!? [Has embedded videos on the web page]

21 Jan 2021 - Joe Biden Talks Unity, But He's Just Going To Make You Pay For Abortions

21 Jan 2021 - Joe Biden Will Scrap President Trump's Pro-Life Policy, Force Americans To Fund Planned Parenthood

21 Jan 2021 - Joe Biden Attends Church, Next He Will Fund Killing Babies In Abortions With Our Tax Dollars

21 Jan 2021 - Pope Francis Tells Biden To Respect "Dignity Of Every Person," Including Those Who "Have No Voice" [Which Biden promptly ignores. And yet he calims to be such a "devout Catholic." - Dr. B. Carey]

21 Jan 2021 - President Trump Issued Executive Order To Honor Pro-Life Leader At National Garden Of American Heroes

21 Jan 2021 - Thank You President Trump For Your Amazing Pro-Life Record

20 Jan 2021 - Pelosi On Religious Americans: 'Willing To Sell The Whole Democracy Down The River' Over Abortion [Clearly shows how evil and ungodly this high priestess of Baal is - Dr. B. Carey]

20 Jan 2021 - 'If Americans Don't Push Back Right Now, We Could Lose All The Freedoms We Have,' Prominent Pastor Warns

20 Jan 2021 - Godfather Of The Pro-Life Movement, Joe Scheidler, Dies At Age 93

19 Jan 2021 - Proclamation On National Sanctity Of Human Life Day, 2021

19 Jan 2021 - Biden Picks PA's Incompetent Transgender Health Official As Assistant HHS Secretary: 'A Historic And Deeply Qualified Choice To Help Lead Our Administration's Health Efforts...' [Yeah and to also push his homosexual agenda on everyone! - Dr. B. Carey]

18 Jan 2021 - Virginia's New Transgender Rules For Public Schools: Use Preferred Pronouns, Don't Question Bathroom Choices

18 Jan 2021 - Andy Stanley's Megachurch Begins 'Phased Approach' To Reopening In-Person Services

18 Jan 2021 - 'Traditionalist Catholics' Destroy Homes Of 5 Mexican Evangelical Families

18 Jan 2021 - California Will Give Free Abortion Pills To College Students To Kill Their Unborn Babies

18 Jan 2021 - Planned Parenthood Excited To Push Its Radical Abortion Agenda Under Joe Biden

18 Jan 2021 - Joe Biden Picks Man Who Brought Abortion Pill To America To Head COVID Vaccination Effort

18 Jan 2021 - The Plan For A Global System Of Slavery [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Jan 2021 - Charges Dropped Against Deacon Arrested For Singing Hymns Outdoors [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Jan 2021 - Flashback: Biden Is Asked How Many Genders There Are: 'There's At Least 3, I Know That' [More proof that he is an ungodly fool! - Dr. B. Carey]

18 Jan 2021 - Facebook Censors Mexican Cardinal For Denouncing 'New World Order'

15 Jan 2021 - Catholic Cardinal Blasts Biden On Abortion: He Supports "Capital Punishment For Innocent Unborn Babies"

15 Jan 2021 - Joe Biden Picks Jaime Harrison To Head Democrat Party, He Supports Abortion On Demand

14 Jan 2021 - 60% Rise In Christians Killed Worldwide In 2020: Open Doors Report: Governments Use COVID-19 As Excuse For Persecution Of Christians

14 Jan 2021 - Supreme Court reinstates FDA Rule Blocking Delivery Of Abortion Pills By Mail [GOOD! Now they need to outright ban them! - Dr. B. Carey]

14 Jan 2021 - The Castration Of The Christian Male

13 Jan 2021 - USCIRF Chair: Biden Admin. Will Be 'Just As Strong' On Religious Freedom As Trump Was [What a load of rubbish! Biden and his people are very anti-Christian and very anti-Bible! - Dr. B. Carey]

13 Jan 2021 - Missouri Is The First Abortion-Free State After Last Abortion Center Stops Killing Babies

13 Jan 2021 - Joe Biden Hires 14 Execs From Big Tech Firms That Banned Trump And Pro-Life Conservatives

13 Jan 2021 - Joe Biden's Inauguration Theme Is "Americans United." But He'll Force Americans To Fund Abortions

13 Jan 2021 - More Than 1 Million Babies Have Already Been Killed In Abortions Worldwide This Year

13 Jan 2021 - Equality Act would Stomp Religious Conservatives

13 Jan 2021 - Supreme Court Decision Prevents Texas Hospital From Removing Toddler Tinslee Lewis' Life Support

13 Jan 2021 - Pastor Killed In Crash Hours After Warning Church To Be More Prayerful About Using Social Media

13 Jan 2021 - Supreme Court Orders Nevada Gov. To Respond To Challenge Over State's Worship Restrictions

11 Jan 2021 - Franklin Graham Is Accusing Democrats Of "Shaking A Fist" At Their Creator [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Jan 2021 - 2020 Revealed That The Corporate Christian Church Is Part Of The Satanic World System

11 Jan 2021 - Twitter Refuses To Remove China's Tweet Celebrating Forced Abortions: "Not A Violation Of Our Policies"

11 Jan 2021 - Google Deletes Parler From App Store After Twitter Bans President Trump, Pro-Life Conservatives

11 Jan 2021 - Twitter Starts Massive Purge Of Pro-Life Conservative Accounts, Claiming "Harmful Activity"

11 Jan 2021 - Joe Biden Nominates Gina Raimondo Commerce Secretary, She Legalized Abortions Up To Birth

11 Jan 2021 - Vanguard Presbyterian A New Denomination [Has an embedded audio file on the web page]

11 Jan 2021 - Patricia Heaton After Riots: 'If You're A Common Sense Person, You Probably Don't Feel You Have A Home In This World Right Now'

11 Jan 2021 - Flashback: BLM Activist Calls For People To Tear Down Statues Of Jesus - Churches Too

08 Jan 2021 - Franklin Graham Calls For Americans To Pray, Slams Democrats' "Demon-Driven Abortion Agenda"

08 Jan 2021 - Democrat Joe Manchin Says He's Pro-Life, Now He Must Oppose Joe Biden's Abortion Agenda

08 Jan 2021 - Catholic Priest In Inspiring Message Of Hope Tells Christians How To Survive 'Evil' Biden Administration: 'We Are The Children Of Light,' He Said, 'And We're Going To Keep Fighting'

08 Jan 2021 - Catholic Priest: Joe Biden Should Not Receive Communion Because He's Pro-Abortion, It's "Sacrilegious".

08 Jan 2021 - Abortion Killed 73 Million People Last year, Accounting For 57% Of All Deaths

07 Jan 2021 - 'Arbitrary And Unfair': Catholic Bishops Protest Scotland's Church Services Ban

07 Jan 2021 - Nigeria: Terrorist Attacks Surged In December And May Increase In 2021, Christian Group Warns

07 Jan 2021 - Mass. High Court To Decide If Evangelical College Discriminated Against Pro-LGBT Professor [The ocurts have no business stickign their noses into Chrtian Church or school business! Or making policy decisions for us! - Dr. B. Carey]

07 Jan 2021 - Martin Luther King Jr's Niece Slams Kamala Harris: You're Nothing Like Him Because You're Pro-Abortion

07 Jan 2021 - World Food Program Head Warns Of Potential Famines Of 'Biblical Proportions' In 2021

07 Jan 2021 - Church Officers: Deacons [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Jan 2021 - Pro-Abortion Democrats Seize Full Federal Government With apparent Georgia Senate Wins

07 Jan 2021 - 'This Is Not The Way Jesus Lays Out For Us': Pastors Condemn Storming Uf US Capitol

06 Jan 2021 - World's Oldest Denomination To Ignore Closure Orders [Good for them. Since day one of the Covid plague the authorities have been doing everythig they can to shut down the churches - Dr. B. Carey]

06 Jan 2021 - Planned Parenthood CEO: Killing Babies Is A Good Thing Because "Abortion Is Health Care" [This crazy! This form of Mass Murder and Serial Kiling is NOT health care. It is paying homage to Satan himself! - Dr. B. Carey]

06 Jan 2021 - Judge Slams Supreme Court's Pro-Abortion Rulings: "Each Human Being is Priceless Beyond Measure"

06 Jan 2021 - Texas Will Fully Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business On February 3rd

06 Jan 2021 - 45 Abortion Clinics Closed In 2020, 79% Of All Abortion Clinics Open In 1991 Have Shut Down

06 Jan 2021 - Pro-Abortion "Pastor" Raphael Warnock Defeats Pro-Life Senator Kelly Loeffler

05 Jan 2021 - Workers Digging Tunnel Make Discovery Near Garden Of Gethsemane; Could Jesus Have Seen This Biblical Reminder Before Judas' Betrayal? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Jan 2021 - Nancy Pelosi Bans 'Gender' Terms Like Mother, Daughter, Father, Son In House Rules [Shows how EVIL and UNGODLY she is! - Dr. B. Carey]

05 Jan 2021 - Sadie Robertson Huff: 'Our generation looks more like Instagram influencers than Jesus Christ'

05 Jan 2021 - Nigeria's Christians Trapped Between COVID-19 And Terrorism, Human Rights Leader Says