By Richard J. Enrico
Foundation For Moral Restoration
P.O. Box 220190
Chantilly, VA 20153 USA


I have been going to and fro in the earth and walking up and down in it, as a roaring lion, seeking whom I may recruit.

First, I'd like to say that in this new and enlightened age in which we live, everyone not only has the right to his own opinion, but to be the captain of his own ship, the author of his own destiny.

So allow me to encourage you to live and let live. And to follow that which you like most of all. Assuming now that you are young, strong, and educated, it's probably time for you to start kicking up your heels and sowing some wild oats. Right! (smile)

As a unique individual endowed with special privileges you're certainly not here on earth to live up to someone else's notion of what is right and what is wrong, as may be imposed by the social standards of the day. Of course, you are not perfect (after all, who is?), but no one on the face of this planet has the right to judge you for your minor bad habits.

Those holier-than-thou folks, who are always harping on sin, are all a bunch of money-hungry-hypocrites, and they have no business trying to tell you how to live your own life. So never let those narrow minded self-righteous idiots tell you what to do.

Besides, what may be unacceptable in one country may be acceptable in another. For instance, in Muslim countries you can have four wives, and a little sex on the side never hurt anyone. If God didn't want you to gratify your normal bodily urges, then why did he give them to you in the first place? Psychology has proven that it's physiologically unhealthy to repress your basic drives and desires. So, as they say, "Just do it!" Cause you are free and you only live once. Lower animals are promiscuous and even homosexual, which is just another alternative lifestyle. And don't worry about venereal disease or AIDS, cause your chances of catching that are like one in a trillion.

And yes, in this modern world of free-wheeling, free-thinkers, we even grant freedom of religion. And if you ever feel like trying that kick, you should wait until you're really old and inform.

Sure, the Bible thumpers are forever quoting from their book; but the so-called Holy Bible has been copied over and over so many times down through the ages how could anyone believe such rubbish. It's out of date, if just doesn't have any relevance to our present world way of life. It's full of contradictions every other page and is terribly boring. Science has proven the Bible wrong time and time again, on such things as evolution. Now, with all the problems you are facing, you can't waste you time pouring over such useless junk, especially when there are so many R-rated movies and X-rated videos coming out.

I know you have to put up with those sanctimonious nuts, who try to make you feel guilty for not getting down on your knees and praying day and night. But like most folks, you never have time in the morning, and you are to tired at night. And why should you pray when God never answers your prayers anyway. Good or bad things just happen whether you pray or not. Right?! And if you are in a restaurant, please don't embarrass everyone around you returning thanks for your meal. Isn't it rather silly thanking someone else for the food you earned your ownself.

And don't you hate those wild-eyed fanatics, who are always trying to drag you to their church, like it's the only one on earth. Everyone knows that you don't have to go to church to be a Christian. Why, a person could get saved on the golf course or fishing or any place. You have the good sense to know that making a living must come first. You have worked hard all week, and God understands you need your rest and recreation.

Most Sunday mornings you don't feel too well after being out late; and you never know if your car is going to make it or not. Church is mostly old ladies and little kids, and the rest are just a bunch of gossiping hypocrites, who don't know as much as you do. The meetings are too long, and it's hard to sit still during the sermon.

All they ever do is beg for money. Now, God doesn't need your money. So why do they take up a collection everytime? It's for that lazy pastor who only works one hour a week on Sunday mornings. Why, you would be a fool to give that parasite any of your hard earned cash. Say...did I mention hypocrites...?

Now, my distinguished comrades I wish to assure you that there is absolutely no need whatsoever to concern yourself about God. Hey! Has anyone ever seen him? Some say he is white, and some say he is black. But just in case the old man upstairs does exist, you can always deal with him later--even on your death bed, you know.

Those blasted do-gooders keep saying that God loves the world, and he is all powerful. O yeah? Well look at all the poverty and suffering. Why doesn't he stop all the wars and natural disasters? And why are babies born deformed?

Some blame the devil (I rather resent that). But there is no devil. That was just a Jewish fable, like the boogy man to scare little kids to make them mind. And while I'm at it, the word "wicked" does not mean evil. The oldest dictionaries show that wicked really meant "wise." See?

And those nitwit sky-pilots on radio and TV have been raving about the end of the world, just more religious hype! The end probably won't come till hundreds or maybe thousands of years from now, maybe even never. And judgement day? Divine retribution? Nothing to it! Doomsday is a big joke. Hell is just another idea the ancient priests invented to keep the ignorant masses in subjugation. When you die, that's the end of it. Some say, "What about your eternal soul?" Well, what does a soul look like? Just what color is it? Has anyone ever weighed it? Maybe it's your breath.

Yes, I know Jesus said, "You must be born again." But that means if you die, you must come back and be born again as another human or animal. Jesus borrowed that from the much older Hindu religion, which calls it reincarnation. People should not be pestered about where the path that they are on will end up. You can cross that bridge when you get to it.

O how I wish those Holy Rollers would quit yapping about serving the Lord. Come one is really living right for God. Every man has his price. Everyone lies, cheats, and steals a little. Just don't get caught! (SMILE) I tell you, life is really just a big rat race. It's a dog-eat-dog society out there.

And if you don't look out for old number one, no body else will. Better get all you can get, while the getting is good...with the least amount of effort, of course. The Bible says, "eat, drink, and be merry!" So enjoy! Hey! The name of the game is, "wine. women, and song!" If it feels good, do it.

The best philosophy is, "Do unto others before they do it to you." Step on the next man before he has a chance to step on you! Just remember all the good times we have had together, dancing, drinking, getting high, wild parties, and of course "scoring" (smile). With me as your partner you can have good lick all the time and loads of fun; so just keep on co-operating with me. Trust me! Don't change a thing. You are certainly not as bad as some people you know. If you stick with me, I have some really HOT plans for you sooner than you think. Ha! Ha!

Come on now, don't go soft on me and start crying out to God for help. You have already gone too far, and he would never forgive you anyway. Don't forget, Christianity is just for the weak, the fearful, and the nerds, like a crutch.

Well, I've got to go now. I have some others to deceive. Oh, who am I? Well, I used to be one of the most beautiful and wisest angels. But old Jehovah wanted all the glory and honor for himself. So when I tried to get a little recognition and the admiration I deserved, he brutally threw me out of heaven. I sure don't want a rematch, so the only way I can hurt him back is to corrupt gullible souls like you. I'm so bitter and miserable I can't rest until I get someone like you to share it with.

Now this letter is highly confidential--just between you and me, so I forbid you to share it with anyone else. Why, they might misunderstand, and take it as a warning or something.

My name you ask? Oh, you can just call me Old Scratch for now, but in eternity you will cringe and call me Lord and Master.